We have yet to start the Summer of Retrogrades and already we’re feeling the energy shifts as they heat up. They started in earnest after the Full Moon on May 29. Since then, there is a feeling of sudden disconnectedness, not just from the people around us, but from ourselves, from our place in the world and from our roots in the Earth. It makes us feel, in many cases, completely alone. It isn’t necessarily a strong feeling (although it can be for the many younger souls here now), but it is there. And when we look beyond ourselves, we can see it is shared by pretty much everybody. The intensity of it is growing, preparing us for the opportunities and challenges that this year has in store for us to force our hand into Aquarian Age harmony. Read More


As I have been down with a stomach bug most of the last week, writing has not been my highest priority, so this will be short.

Our world is based on duality: man/woman, day/night, Sun/Moon. It’s how we on this planet, in this time, learn. Time, space and duality are our classroom to give us markers of comparison when we’ve accomplished something. We learn by having opposition and mirrors: with others, with the world and within ourselves. Read More


Mercury went retrograde last Thursday, March 22 (until April 15). Don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I was hit with an exhausting sorrow that lasted throughout the next day, as was another psychic I know. It could be that she and I are hyper-sensitive with the work we do that we can’t avoid feeling it, or it could just be a really powerful shift. I’ve never had a Mercury retrograde affect me like that. But as we all get more sensitive to the energetic changes around us and the lifting of conscious and physical vibration, that is the world we’re coming into. Read More


As we move further into this Aquarian Age vibration, we become more and more sensitive to the energetic changes around us. These changes have always been there, but now we can feel them so much more. The Full Moon has always made people crazy. It’s where the word “lunacy” came from. But as we get more in-tuned with the vibes of the New Age, planetary and solar activity, the emotions and issues of others (including the Earth and all life on her), we can become confused with our seemingly out-of-the blue reactions to things we aren’t consciously perceiving. We self-judge our reactions instead of rooting out their origins. Read More



We’re coming out of the latest and greatest (i.e., most intense) Mercury retrograde of the year on Tuesday, September 5. It goes direct early in the morning at 7:30 am EST/4:30 am PST. Expect to feel light-headed, confused and relieved which will make us a little stupid. All of that is typical of the energy when a retrograde as profound as this one has been affecting us for weeks before it was official and will probably still hang on for weeks after. Read More

Eclipse Alert – August 2017

Happy Full Moon!

As I’ve written previously, there is a lot of planetary activity hitting us in August, not just what we’re facing in it being the Karmic Catch-Up Month. Here to explain the eclipses that will have such profound effect on us is an article written by Master Astrology Gahl Sasson.

I especially like what he writes about the once-in-a-lifetime (in North America) solar eclipse on August 21. It’s what I’ve been feeling is going to happen with our government leadership – something big is going to hit the fan. Especially in the United States where we have the only view of the complete eclipse in the world (which means it will affect us all the more). While I don’t think impeachment or resignation will happen at this time, I do think whatever comes to light or shifts will be the catalyst for the eventual end of the trend we’ve been experiencing. Read More


Over the weekend, Venus went direct so the hardest part of spring (last week with Mercury also retrograde and a powerful Full Moon on Monday, April 10) has passed. Obviously, we still must be careful until Mercury is direct on May 3, but the oppressiveness of the compounded energy has lifted. With the New Moon coming next week (on Wednesday, April 26), we should finally feel Spring’s breath of fresh energy. Read More









So, basically, we’ve got a ride coming up over the next two weeks, with the energy leading into April 9 and finishing off on April 15 being especially challenging.

First off, on Sunday, April 9, Mercury goes retrograde until May 3. We know about this: miscommunication and misunderstandings run rampant during these three weeks (plus three days). We focus on looking at what hasn’t worked in our past and must avoid starting anything new, especially signing legal papers or buying any big items (house, car). We also have to be aware of glitches with electronics, automobiles and travel. Read More


2017 has so much going on, it needs more than one posting to cover it. So look for my take on our political and global shifts on Monday, January 16th, (before the Inauguration on Friday the 20th), and what to expect from the Year of the Fire Rooster on Monday, January 23rd (to prep for the Chinese New Year/New Moon on January 28th). Meanwhile, here’s some info on the general feel of the year, what our lessons will be and how to deal with it all.

Be aware – this year is a big deal! We’ve finished a very hard ten-year run of pulling ourselves out of Piscean Age concepts with great success only to seemingly come to a screeching halt with the election. “Seemingly” is the key word here. This year is defined by the polarity of people who think they’ve regained control being stopped and smacked in the face regularly, while people who have done all the right things without success speeding forward with the grace of God (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit). So, hold on! This will be interesting. Read More