Original newsletter date – 5/27/19

I have a client who has been going through a very, very hard time with the way the energy has been shifting recently. She is a healer, has been all her life (even before she knew it), and is very psychic, or as she defines it, “energetically aware”. The following is a recent experience we had together over several readings, which I write with her permission.
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When I connect with a client’s energy during a reading, I am able to see and feel not just their aura, but how they use the sphere of energy around them. I can see/feel where their major focus is, where their minor focus is, the annoyances, pleasures, unfinished karmic lessons and what’s left over. It appears and feels to me as a swirling sphere of energy around them. It’s easier to explain what I experience in two dimensions instead of three – I perceive their energy as a pie chart. Read More


As we move into the rest of this holiday season, people will be filled with Good Cheer despite the fact that this has not been a very happy year. Fear is still all over the place with the uncertainty of our future, the changes anticipated and the negative lessons on the horizon. We’re all moving forward with great anxiety.

But more than at any other time of the year, now brings a tradition of Good Cheer. We expect it during the holidays. Whether it’s a little forced or put up with or genuine, many do have gratitude, a sense of peace and hearts full of love because of the season, whatever Holy Day is celebrated. Read More

The Solar Eclipse of April 2014

As we prepare for the new beginning that is marked by the April 29th New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which includes the opportunity to manifest in ways we never could before, here’s some information on the power of eclipses from astrologer Gahl Sasson from his Cosmic Navigator newsletter:

Traditionally, eclipses are associated with fated events, situations that you have “decided” to experience before you were born but obviously have no recollection of. During eclipses that are as intense as the ones happening this month, free-will leaves the stage in favor of destiny and the Three Fates. Some events must transpire whether we like it or not. Eclipses are whirlpools of incidents that guide us down the rabbit hole into a new reality that we are forced to accept. Read More

Exercises for Balance via Self-Awareness 9/27/2012

Exercises for Balance via Self-Awareness

Last time, I included meditations and manifesting techniques to help achieve a more positive state of balance for self, others and the planet. I’d like to continue that theme with some exercises I have found very helpful in my on-going quest to become the most balanced, conscious human being I can be.

I’ve divided them into two categories: exercises to bring balance via developing awareness of self, and exercises to bring balance via awareness of our place with the planet. Read More

Manifestation 9/22/2012

With all the shifting energy around us and the need and responsibility to manifest the positive in the face of so much scary change, here are some suggestions on how to maintain balance and to manifest for ourselves, others and the planet.  I highly recommend doing some kind of balance exercise before working on manifesting otherwise sneaky subconscious anti-productive glitches can deter what we’re trying to create. Read More