Welcome to June in the year of our Great Transformation. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse with the government falling apart and the pandemic “destroying our health and our economy” (which is a one-dimensional way of looking at it), we get yet another brutal murder of a black man by white police. Since this is not even close to the first time this has happened, with little ever coming of it to change the corruption involved, why should we expect this time that George Lloyd’s karmic sacrifice will make a difference? Read More


Original Newsletter Post 8/28/19

On Friday, August 23, we entered the sign of Virgo until the Autumnal Equinox moves us into Libra on September 23. While I am on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, my rising sign (that which indicates my outward personality and what I show to the world) is Virgo so I found the following post by Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson very enlightening. Even for those who are not Virgo or do not have it prominently in your chart, this is an interesting read to know how to take advantage of what this sign has to offer, and how to deal with the Virgos around us.

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