MARS RETROGRADE REACTIONS – Recognizing Retrograde Behavior

Recognizing Retrograde Behavior 

(because it may sneak up on you)

(…and some other pertinent stuff)

Last Thursday, June 28, the House Judiciary Committee’s Republican Members of Congress “questioned” FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to, in a nutshell, force them to shut down the on-going Russia investigation. It was quite an unusually aggressive occasion with venting and shouting rather than questioning. That night, Rachel Maddow commented on the event on her MSNBC show: “I don’t know why Republicans in Congress are boiling up with such froth about the Mueller Investigation. But Congressional Republicans really do appear to be trying to pull out all the stops, all of a sudden, right now! I don’t know why “right now”, but something has got them very upset.” Read More


We have yet to start the Summer of Retrogrades and already we’re feeling the energy shifts as they heat up. They started in earnest after the Full Moon on May 29. Since then, there is a feeling of sudden disconnectedness, not just from the people around us, but from ourselves, from our place in the world and from our roots in the Earth. It makes us feel, in many cases, completely alone. It isn’t necessarily a strong feeling (although it can be for the many younger souls here now), but it is there. And when we look beyond ourselves, we can see it is shared by pretty much everybody. The intensity of it is growing, preparing us for the opportunities and challenges that this year has in store for us to force our hand into Aquarian Age harmony. Read More



With Mars retrograde winding down, you’d think things would be getting easier. But the ending of most retrogrades usually gets more intense before it finally releases. And on Monday, June 20, we have a rare and powerful Summer Solstice with a Full Moon, which charges things even more.

So hold on until Mars goes direct on June 29 or 30 (depending on where you are in the country). In many ways, holding on without expecting things to go as we’d like is the only sane thing to do over the next nine or ten days. Read More


This is our final week of Mercury retrograde until August 30. The powerful but small planet goes direct early in the morning on Sunday, May 22. I don’t know anyone who won’t be applauding this transition. Even those who don’t believe that astrological events affect us will feel relief without knowing why.

But before it’s over, before a bit of ease sets in and everything starts making more sense than it has for the last 18 days (and it seems the retrograde has been a lot longer than that), we still have to get through this week. Read More

Mars Retrograde

The last week of February was off-the-charts difficult. Not only were we in the end-time of the especially testy Mercury retrograde, we had some of the most powerful solar activity of this cycle of Solar Maximum. The Merc retro was especially unbearable as it was more focused on our miss-communication with self (i.e. how well do you know yourself and if you don’t, LOOK HARD!) as well as the general miss-communication with everything and everyone else.

 Then as the Moon waned to Dark then New, a time when we all become more introspective anyway – and the New Moon on March 1 was in introspective Pisces, no less – we got hit with that sunspot/solar flare energy. That made us all itchy in our own skin and behave as if we were temporarily, magnetically-instead-of-chemically, bi-polar. So if we weren’t beating ourselves up for something, we were trying to not beat up someone else. And often not succeeding. Read More