A new client called wanting to know about her three year old son, who had been diagnosed with developmental challenges and behavioral issues. While she followed prescribed methods in treating him, she was also listening to her instincts and adapting how she communicated with the child while teaching him to adapt to the “normal” way. Still, she was very worried that she wasn’t doing enough or right by him, or perhaps she was missing some genetic or physical health issue that the doctors had yet to find. Read More

Favorite Authors 7/27/2012

Favorite Authors

I’ve had a lot of requests over the years for my sources of information and inspiration.  So this week I thought I’d offer a list of my favorite and most influential books (next week, I’ll finish the list with recommended authors on specific subjects).  These books taught me things of significance and permanently shifted how I look at life, the universe and everything.  If I had limitless funds, I’d have an unending supply of these books and give them to everyone who would take them. Read More