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We still have a couple of weeks before the next Mercury retrograde hits (May 29 through June 22). But as we’re coming to a significant energy ending and beginning moving into June (i.e., the ending of The Growth of Humankind becoming again The Growth of the Individual), this retrograde has special meaning.

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First off…

My move to Austin is complete! Still unpacking. Cats adjusting, loving the carpet instead of tile (better traction for running). really enjoy being five minutes from so many restaurants (something I missed while zoning out in the country which was a 30 minute drive from anywhere). Miss the wild deer but love the many birds who chatter in the huge oak trees that canopy my new house. Never knew of grackles before. Love their vocal antics.

Special thanks to all of those who sent good-wishes for my move. It was the best and easiest it could have been. Pictures to follow when all set up. Read More

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation 7/2/2013

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my writing and teaching, the energy coming in with the Aquarian Age is about balance, harmony, communication and an awakening of Humankind instead of entitled Mankind. We’re realizing it’s not just “All men are created equal” but “All life is created equal”. Our general consciousness is seeing how everyone and everything has an equal and vital place and purpose for our growth as spiritual beings.  Read More