Manifestation 9/22/2012

With all the shifting energy around us and the need and responsibility to manifest the positive in the face of so much scary change, here are some suggestions on how to maintain balance and to manifest for ourselves, others and the planet.  I highly recommend doing some kind of balance exercise before working on manifesting otherwise sneaky subconscious anti-productive glitches can deter what we’re trying to create. Read More

80% or 20%? 8/30/2012

80% or 20%?

August is almost over.  (Yeah!)  The arc of some of the biggest lessons we’ve ever faced comes to an end and flows into the next arc of learning and growth.  That growth comes with responsibility not just to self or those close to us, but to the Earth.  We are graduating into a time when the power-within each of us has a chance to make a difference in a way that hasn’t been possible before.   Read More