Super Moon On September 9

For those of you doing any kind of honoring of the Full Moon – the first cleansing and releasing energy following our year of karmic-release – know that whatever you do has extra significance and power because September 9 brings a Super Moon.

While some sites and calendars report that the Full Moon falls on Monday, September 8, it happens so late in the day that in many areas, it’s already Tuesday, September 9 which makes it the first day of the Full Moon. And when doing any releasing, it’s best not to work until after the Moon has hit its apex and gone from waxing to waning, and is in its own releasing energy.

A Super Moon is an astronomical phenomenon, an optical illusion that makes the moon appear brighter and larger than normal because of its close proximity to Earth. Read More

What To Do For Love on Valentine’s Day 2014 or For All You Lovers Out There (and Those Who Want To Be)

While the energy of Mercury retrograde over the last few days has been making us uncomfortable in our own skin, it won’t affect us on Valentine’s Day.

From Feng Shui expert Lillian Too’s Mandala, a weekly e-zine, (

Did you know that Valentine’s Day this year falls on an incredibly auspicious day – not only is it a day when prosperity energy is high, it is also the day of the full moon under the spiritual calendar, known as Amitabha Day and Medicine Buddha Day! Read More

Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Wood Horse!

2014 is expected to be a very prosperous and wealthy year in general, with some caveats. Personal experiences will be much more positive and successful than the bigger picture. That means our personal prosperity and good fortune will take a big upturn but conflict between countries, politics, economics, etc. will be explosive.

 But as above, so below. Those who personally experience prosperity and success will slowly bring that into the general population later this year and in years to come. The individual will influence the growth of society, as it always does.
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2013 General Predictions Part II 2/23/2013

2013 General Predictions Part II

Here is the continuation of general predictions for 2013. Not everything lines up with what Lillian Too says of the Year of the Snake from the last newsletter, but I feel it’s good to get perspectives from all sides.

On Saturday, December 29th, 2012, the night after the last full moon of the year, my Drum Circle people and I got together to do a meditation to see what we could see about the coming year. We visited the Akashic Records and asked what would be happening for the world and humankind in general, then for ourselves. Oddly, everyone got very clear messages about the world and humankind and very little for ourselves personally. Read More