MARS RETROGRADE REACTIONS – Recognizing Retrograde Behavior

Recognizing Retrograde Behavior 

(because it may sneak up on you)

(…and some other pertinent stuff)

Last Thursday, June 28, the House Judiciary Committee’s Republican Members of Congress “questioned” FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to, in a nutshell, force them to shut down the on-going Russia investigation. It was quite an unusually aggressive occasion with venting and shouting rather than questioning. That night, Rachel Maddow commented on the event on her MSNBC show: “I don’t know why Republicans in Congress are boiling up with such froth about the Mueller Investigation. But Congressional Republicans really do appear to be trying to pull out all the stops, all of a sudden, right now! I don’t know why “right now”, but something has got them very upset.” Read More