Goodbye the year that was August! Hello the year that is September! Although the August energy of Karmic Catch-up/Hungry Ghosts Month leaks into the first week of September (the final week of our reassessing and rebirthing ourselves in the New Age), we now come into a new challenge. But what did we expect from 2020, the year that keeps on giving, even after it’s over?

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The last two weeks have been pretty incredible, setting us up for the heaviest work of this transformational year. That doesn’t mean what’s happening on the surface—the ongoing pandemic, high unemployment rates, or our financial instability—will get worse (although it’s far from getting better). But our deep soul-enightening, vibrational, energetic, and cellular work has now kicked into high gear and will stay that way through the rest of 2020. Read More


Welcome to the New Year, the new decade and the new seven-year cycle in the Aquarian Age!


In case you didn’t see it before, I am changing my schedule and rates following the Chinese New Year on January 25. First, I will be reading only the first Saturday of every month between 1 to 6 PM Central Time – no more Saturday readings for the rest of each month. Second, my rates will be going up slightly, which I will announce within the next week or two.

Also, if anyone is trying to book a reading on Saturday, January 25 because it is the Chinese New Year (of the Water Rat), please note that I’ve blocked it off for the moment because I’m going to offer FREE 15 or 30 minute readings on that day between 1 and 6 PM Central time. I’ll open the schedule for bookings on the Monday before. It will be covered in my newsletter that comes out in the early evening on January 20. Read More


Happy ChristmaKahWanzaYule!

Or just Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanza and Blessed Yule!

This time of accumulated holidays gets us out of ourselves and our own daily issues with the parties and presents and down time. We also get release from the pressure of having looked forward to this week since the end of September, although I think that bubble was burst at the beginning of last week so we’re more able to be in the holiday spirit now. This year, we really need the break (and the presents!), not just from how challenging 2019 has been, but to take a breath before we gear up for the whirlwind that is 2020.

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We have yet to start the Summer of Retrogrades and already we’re feeling the energy shifts as they heat up. They started in earnest after the Full Moon on May 29. Since then, there is a feeling of sudden disconnectedness, not just from the people around us, but from ourselves, from our place in the world and from our roots in the Earth. It makes us feel, in many cases, completely alone. It isn’t necessarily a strong feeling (although it can be for the many younger souls here now), but it is there. And when we look beyond ourselves, we can see it is shared by pretty much everybody. The intensity of it is growing, preparing us for the opportunities and challenges that this year has in store for us to force our hand into Aquarian Age harmony. Read More

Beyond the Chinese New Year 2014

Beyond the Chinese New Year 2014

On January 31st, we not only start the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse, but also seven years of growth (as opposed to the last seven years of purging and releasing). The element of fire – action, initiation – will be a predominant energy to help us along. But it’s important to know that 2014 also brings the challenge of growing pains and the very clear need to stay on our right paths. Read More