Goodbye the year that was August! Hello the year that is September! Although the August energy of Karmic Catch-up/Hungry Ghosts Month leaks into the first week of September (the final week of our reassessing and rebirthing ourselves in the New Age), we now come into a new challenge. But what did we expect from 2020, the year that keeps on giving, even after it’s over?

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It’s a big weekend of release and restart. We are free of all summer challenges on Sunday, September 9 when the Hungry Ghosts Month comes to an end. The spectres return to hell and stop plaguing us with revenge and retaliation (i.e., our own karma). That’s the last push of having to look inside and figure out how we fit with the new vibration. Moving forward, we will be refining all the lessons we learned in the past several months, with many of the “automatic upgrades” sliding into our consciousness for activation. Read More

August 2014 Energy

Greetings from Austin!

As I am anticipating August being, as always, a difficult month, I am once again offering Discount Thursdays for every Thursday in August to help us get through it. See the end of the newsletter for details.

Feng Shui calls August the Hungry Ghosts Month, where negative ghosts are loosed on the world and make things difficult for the living. I look at it as the annual Karmic Catch-up Month. And this catch-up will be very special, as this past year has been very special. Read More