First up, though:


And a belated HAPPY BELTANE! to all us pagans out there.

I went to the grocery store yesterday (once every two or three weeks—I’m still in hermit mode) and found, as I have before, that pretty much everyone I encountered was so much in their own world, they were unaware there were others around them. That happened on the road, in the parking lot, in the store itself. I can’t blame them. We’re coming to the end of a really hard journey of letting go 2,000 years of a mindset and adapting and accepting another. In May, that may seem like it’s forced on us as it’s the end of the “growth of humanity” push that started in January 2020 and ends May 31, more or less.

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Last week was a doozy. We finished the impeachment trial which turned out as expected but with little flourish or importance because the Trump roller-coaster ride is done. It may not seem like it at the moment because his leftover impact is still being covered by the news, and his followers are scrambling to find a place to belong (which they can’t do by screaming louder than anyone else but seem to think they can). But he’s done. Read More


We can look at the situation we’re in right now, as the pandemic directs our lives, in a couple of ways. While a lot of us are taking it seriously and following the recommendations of experts by sheltering in place, using masks when going out for necessities and practicing social distancing, quite a few of us see it as more of an annoyance than a threat, while others are denying its existence completely. Read More


First off…

My move to Austin is complete! Still unpacking. Cats adjusting, loving the carpet instead of tile (better traction for running). really enjoy being five minutes from so many restaurants (something I missed while zoning out in the country which was a 30 minute drive from anywhere). Miss the wild deer but love the many birds who chatter in the huge oak trees that canopy my new house. Never knew of grackles before. Love their vocal antics.

Special thanks to all of those who sent good-wishes for my move. It was the best and easiest it could have been. Pictures to follow when all set up. Read More

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation 7/2/2013

More Piscean Aquarian Confirmation

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in my writing and teaching, the energy coming in with the Aquarian Age is about balance, harmony, communication and an awakening of Humankind instead of entitled Mankind. We’re realizing it’s not just “All men are created equal” but “All life is created equal”. Our general consciousness is seeing how everyone and everything has an equal and vital place and purpose for our growth as spiritual beings.  Read More

Energy Shifts and Self Care 1/26/2013

Energy Shifts and Self Care

Anyone notice how much fun the energy is these days? Obviously, I’m being facetious. This is the longest and most difficult January I can remember.

Being motivated is next to impossible. Yet the pressure is on to do something, to go somewhere, to feel better somehow RIGHT NOW! We’re experiencing a lot of self-judgment, which some people take out on others. That makes staying in balance a lot harder as we deal with our own stuff and someone else’s issues at the same time. Read More