2016 has been a monumentally difficult year of forced change as we make further inroads away from the Piscean Age vibration into the Aquarian Age. Gratefully, we are almost done with it. There are three major events coming up in the next couple of months (and two minor ones) that help us graduate this year’s lessons.

These events can be seen as more forced change that is dragging us through the pits of Hell, or they can be perceived as enlightening moments to show us clarity at the end of a very chaotic year. If we are ready when they come, we can choose the easier path. Read More

Spiritual Development and The Walking Dead

There’s a direct connection between the current spiritual development of humankind in our new Aquarian Age and the success of “The Walking Dead”. As strange as that may seem. Let me explain.

For the totality of the Piscean Age (and longer, but now I’m talking specifically about the last 2,000 years), mankind didn’t have to think about personal spirituality, individual awareness of our deepest selves or direct connection with Creator. Those heavy concepts were thought for us by organized religion. Whether that was Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddha-ism, Confucion-ism or any of their brothers or offshoots, we were inspired by a handful of divine men, then instructed by their representatives how to think, feel and understand Higher Source. Some were leaders and teachers of high integrity and purpose; some were driven by ego and greed. Read More