Can you believe there are only fifteen more days until 2020? Or, if we start the year when the energy changes, forty days until the Chinese New Year on January 25, The Year of the Rat! As forty is a significant number of creating change, if today or tomorrow we start contemplating what we want to accomplish in the New Year and honor our thoughts, prayers or meditations about that every day in some way, on the fortieth day, January 25, we’ve accomplished a jump start on a year of incredible enlightenment.

2019 has gone slow or fast, depending on the week or month, inconsistent with the number of days within each, and in unexpected ways. It’s put me in kind of a time warp. August and September felt like three months long each, November went by in a blink and December is going too fast. I’m already thinking in 2020 terms, writing the date as 2020 and saying “2020” instead of “2019”. No matter what challenges the new year brings, I’m really looking forward to it.

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