Happy New Year!

Wishing you a wonderful celebration tonight in anticipation of a wonderful New Year! While the end of 2018 has still held a lot of fear, it’s fear that has been built up over the year. After December 6, when the lessons of the year concluded, we fell into being easily spooked that more bad was coming, even if what we needed to learn from the negativity had already come and gone. Although we may not believe it based on how 2018 has gone, there are some great things ahead. Here is information I’ve gotten from my Guides, Angels and Ancestors about what’s coming up. Read More


2016 has been a monumentally difficult year of forced change as we make further inroads away from the Piscean Age vibration into the Aquarian Age. Gratefully, we are almost done with it. There are three major events coming up in the next couple of months (and two minor ones) that help us graduate this year’s lessons.

These events can be seen as more forced change that is dragging us through the pits of Hell, or they can be perceived as enlightening moments to show us clarity at the end of a very chaotic year. If we are ready when they come, we can choose the easier path. Read More