Mars Retrograde

The last week of February was off-the-charts difficult. Not only were we in the end-time of the especially testy Mercury retrograde, we had some of the most powerful solar activity of this cycle of Solar Maximum. The Merc retro was especially unbearable as it was more focused on our miss-communication with self (i.e. how well do you know yourself and if you don’t, LOOK HARD!) as well as the general miss-communication with everything and everyone else.

 Then as the Moon waned to Dark then New, a time when we all become more introspective anyway – and the New Moon on March 1 was in introspective Pisces, no less – we got hit with that sunspot/solar flare energy. That made us all itchy in our own skin and behave as if we were temporarily, magnetically-instead-of-chemically, bi-polar. So if we weren’t beating ourselves up for something, we were trying to not beat up someone else. And often not succeeding. Read More