Manifestation 9/22/2012

With all the shifting energy around us and the need and responsibility to manifest the positive in the face of so much scary change, here are some suggestions on how to maintain balance and to manifest for ourselves, others and the planet.  I highly recommend doing some kind of balance exercise before working on manifesting otherwise sneaky subconscious anti-productive glitches can deter what we’re trying to create. Read More

Manifesting Positive Vibration 9/8/2012

Manifesting Positive Vibration

And so, September kicks in.  

Did you feel the energy shift on September 1st?  I certainly woke up perceiving a difference.  The energy felt lighter and easier.  I wasn’t carrying piggybacked anger, frustration or fear that usually attaches itself in the middle of the night.  I felt more myself, unaffected by others’ energy. Read More