We’re in the Aquarian Age now. Not only are we changing how we think and perceive the new vibration of equality and humanity, we’re becoming more sensitive to—and aware of—our energetic world. Kids already know the new vibrations, while most parents are struggling to take that next step. It’s not a new dimension we’re in, it’s an enhancement of where we’ve always been…as if we’ve been living in a world of black and white and only now are becoming aware of color. Our kids are born seeing rainbows yet are frequently raised and taught by those who still see only black and white.

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I’ve been watching the news recently (not my usual viewing pleasure), specifically Morning Joe on MSNBC that covers all the political upheaval we’re in. Joe, Mika, Willie and guests discuss current political events such as what the president should do to be better at being president, or what the Republicans should do to take more solid command, or what the Democrats should do to provide a clearer message.

But what’s happening is not about the specifics that Trump needs to grow up (he won’t in this life so don’t expect it), or that Republicans or Democrats need to get themselves together. These are symptoms of the change on us, not the change itself. Besides, the word should represents an ego-statement, not reality. What does that say about what we’re facing now – it’s all about lessons in ego not reality. Read More