Did you feel the shift on Thursday, July 1 that continued into the weekend? The energy leapt into hyper-speed and left a lot of people in the dust. While I felt it as it swept through, I got additional confirmation of how intense it was over the following twenty-four hours when I received seven emergency calls for psychic help…four of them within ten minutes of each other on Thursday involving huge changes. Three of the seven were about sudden, unexpected deaths, two were health scares and two were sudden major life changes.

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Since we experienced the big Energy Shift on the Jewish New Year (Friday, September 18), most of us have been adjusting to life in a new vibration. And that’s been really, really hard. With everything else we’re dealing with in our physical world (pandemic, political chaos, picking up each others fear), we just got thrown, not lifted but thrown, a mile high closer to Heaven (or the Aquarian Age vibe which can feel like Heaven in these times). Read More

Addendum to Animal Care-Taking 7/21/2012

Addendum to Animal Care-Taking

I’ve gotten a lot of response to my last newsletter about animals, especially pets, care-taking the difficult energy of their humans and teaching us as they do it.  There is a theme of concern here I thought I’d address.
Several of my clients are having health issues that are being mirrored in their pets – some serious, some not as much.  Many feel guilt suddenly realizing they may be the inadvertent cause of their pets’ illnesses.  Please, don’t feel terrible.  This is the pet’s choice.  That’s how deep his/her love is.  And it’s a great opportunity to learn something about self. Read More

Energy Shift – 6/28/2012

Energy Shift

With all the energy shifting going on right now, extreme emotions like desperation, fear, anger, frustration, impatience, anxiety, sorrow and depression are running very high.  And it’s getting worse during the summer. Most of us are so overwhelmed, hoping someone else will fix what’s wrong, we’re unaware we send our energy out in waves seeking help.  It then attaches itself to anyone who has similar feelings and piggybacks onto it.  Read More