How did you make it through last week? The energy was out there in stress and fear that manifested in weird ways: insomnia, testiness, confusion, brain fog, and a push on anything already out-of-balance within, turned up to eleven. Stress was more stressful, resentment was harder to deal with, frustration brought more impatience. Sometimes the stress fed into physical ailments. I ended up using pheromone plug-ins for my cats because they could feel it so strongly. I wish there was something similar for humans. Read More

After The Cardinal Grand Cross

The worst of the Cardinal Grand Cross in-your-face energy has passed but expect to feel the effects of it for weeks, if not months, to come. Moving forward will be considerably easier, but it takes a while for us to settle after an event like this. For the next few days or weeks, we may feel numb or have an inexplicable, low-grade headache that lasts for days or as if we’re recovering from a hangover. And we are – an energetic hangover.

This shift has affected our bodies just as much as our spiritual reality. So in the coming days and weeks, please be aware of how your body reacts to things. If certain areas of your body seem weaker or more troublesome, its showing you not only what your weakest link is but how to identify when you get too stressed. Read More