This is not an easy one to write, nor I’m sure an easy one to read, but I feel it’s always important to be prepared for everything that’s coming. While we know that the two choices this year are to leap forward or to shoot oneself in the foot, the other option is to leave. Not the country, but the living. And I’m not talking about suicide.

2016 brought a lot of deaths, visibly so in the public arena. From David Bowie and Prince to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Death was also rampant in our personal lives. And I feel 2017 will bring even more. I’ve had two deaths in my family last week and, through clients, friends and acquaintances, know of twelve more that have already happened or are on the brink, some of them animals. Read More


So many energies are swirling around us in 2016. We’re in a year of “stop/start” – letting go of the old and embracing the new. These are more intense “old/new” issues than we’re used to. The first level of consciousness shift of one 2,000-year-long Age into another has come to a plateau, giving us all a chance to catch up.

The intensity of this year’s path is led by Fire Monkey who instigates change we can’t avoid with a maniacal sense of humor. We also have assistance from the many retrograde planets that make us look within. Yet when our personal world is changed because of outside forces, in this case the rebirth/awakening of the Earth and all life on her, it feels like we’re being forced into adapting to it. And no one likes being forced into anything. Read More