Last week might have seemed stressful (on top of our usual 2020 stress) because we were coming to the pre-finale of this year. Friday, November 13 brought Mars going direct. Finally! That meant the biggest, pushiest, longest male lessons of the year—moving from Piscean Age sensibilities into Aquarian Age sensibilities—were over. Unfortunately those who refused the lessons are going to be stuck and have a hard time moving forward. How that affects others is changing, so take heart that the Piscean Age Overlord Effect is ‘thisclose’ to coming to an end.

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Welcome to the New Year, the new decade and the new seven-year cycle in the Aquarian Age!


In case you didn’t see it before, I am changing my schedule and rates following the Chinese New Year on January 25. First, I will be reading only the first Saturday of every month between 1 to 6 PM Central Time – no more Saturday readings for the rest of each month. Second, my rates will be going up slightly, which I will announce within the next week or two.

Also, if anyone is trying to book a reading on Saturday, January 25 because it is the Chinese New Year (of the Water Rat), please note that I’ve blocked it off for the moment because I’m going to offer FREE 15 or 30 minute readings on that day between 1 and 6 PM Central time. I’ll open the schedule for bookings on the Monday before. It will be covered in my newsletter that comes out in the early evening on January 20. Read More


Original Newsletter Post – 7/1/19

We have a lot of astrological, emotional, self-reflective, releasing and renewing ascension energy hitting us throughout the month of July. With a little planning, we can have a great, productive time of growth if we shift our typical very-American, Piscean Age, “BiggerHarderStrongerFaster” thought-process and accept what comes as it comes instead of trying to control it.
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It’s a big weekend of release and restart. We are free of all summer challenges on Sunday, September 9 when the Hungry Ghosts Month comes to an end. The spectres return to hell and stop plaguing us with revenge and retaliation (i.e., our own karma). That’s the last push of having to look inside and figure out how we fit with the new vibration. Moving forward, we will be refining all the lessons we learned in the past several months, with many of the “automatic upgrades” sliding into our consciousness for activation. Read More


As I have been down with a stomach bug most of the last week, writing has not been my highest priority, so this will be short.

Our world is based on duality: man/woman, day/night, Sun/Moon. It’s how we on this planet, in this time, learn. Time, space and duality are our classroom to give us markers of comparison when we’ve accomplished something. We learn by having opposition and mirrors: with others, with the world and within ourselves. Read More


This is a big week, a defining week, indicating a shift in energy we’ve been working on – and waiting for – for quite a while. It brings an ability to experience inner peace and a re-focusing of purpose in this year of calm and opportunity (which for many hasn’t seemed that calm or filled with possibilities so far). But wait for it. Read More