We know it’s still April, so energies, emotions, karma, self-judgment, dissatisfaction, feelings of failure, etc. are running high. Watch out for April 20 through 26 for it to reach its peak. Some who are extra sensitive or “slightly off” (i.e., with a different brain function from “normal” people) can already feel it heightening, so take unusual reactions from self and others into consideration. Karmic buttons are being pushed and pushed hard. Read More


No real post this week, I just wanted to let you know that I did my first YouTube video interview with an old friend and Tarot student, Tina Saelee. She almost died from Covid in 2020, thankfully recovered, and refocused her life to help others with what she had learned (about taking care of self, physically, mentally and spiritually).

She wanted to talk about the changes we’re in right now (the Aquarian Age transition and how that manifests for us). Who better to talk to than this rabidly opinionated Scorpio psychic. So we sat down last Saturday and talked for about 80 minutes.

If you’re interested, here is the link:

We cover what’s going on with the transition, how it’s affecting us now and what’s to come, including some conversation about the Putin/Ukrainian war.

Sidebar: Don’t let my appearance shock you. During the pandemic I lost 90 pounds which has a tendency to make me look aged. But my opinions are still strong. Nothing can stop those!

If you watch it, I hope some of what we talked about is helpful or at least informative.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


Welcome to August! Ready for the ride?


Let me introduce my dearest friend and oldest daughter from my last life, Kate Chandler and her Gypsy Spirit Soap Works! (See below after the blog.) She makes fantastic soaps and skin-care accoutrements which I can personally attest to and highly recommend. I’ve given her exceptional products as gifts and kept many for myself. Give her a try. You won’t be disappointed. (I’m not hawking, I’m just supporting something I believe in!) Read More



Even though the sledgehammer shift happened over three weeks ago and we’ve had time to adjust, it’s been very rough on a lot of people. We’ve felt exceptionally drained and hopeless, not exactly depressed but more like in despair. Self-judgment has been our biggest obstacle. We’ve gotten stuck in what we should be doing because our lives aren’t going the way we think they should based on how they’ve gone before. Read More


Over the last seven years, the challenges of our Age to Age evolution have been getting stronger and more demanding each year, leading up to 2020 which brings us to either graduation or failure. As we’ve dealt with those challenges (or not), there’s been a trend to anticipate the end of the year holidays as a time that will make us feel better, usually based on experiences we had when we were young. Except we recently have been looking forward to the holidays with desperation and anger to give us relief after a difficult year. Basically, we just want things to be easier when they’re not and feel we deserve a reward even though we’re still in challenge mode. The shifting energy doesn’t care about man-made holidays—there’s bigger work being done. Read More