Can you believe there are only fifteen more days until 2020? Or, if we start the year when the energy changes, forty days until the Chinese New Year on January 25, The Year of the Rat! As forty is a significant number of creating change, if today or tomorrow we start contemplating what we want to accomplish in the New Year and honor our thoughts, prayers or meditations about that every day in some way, on the fortieth day, January 25, we’ve accomplished a jump start on a year of incredible enlightenment.

2019 has gone slow or fast, depending on the week or month, inconsistent with the number of days within each, and in unexpected ways. It’s put me in kind of a time warp. August and September felt like three months long each, November went by in a blink and December is going too fast. I’m already thinking in 2020 terms, writing the date as 2020 and saying “2020” instead of “2019”. No matter what challenges the new year brings, I’m really looking forward to it.

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We know the energy in January has been about finishing up/releasing lessons, challenges, and left-overs of 2018. 2018 was a significant year of dealing with karma we had yet to face, but it also helped us complete karmic patterns of the last seven to ten years. That’s a lot of work. This month has seemed like the longest January I’ve ever experienced. I’m really looking forward to the 2019 energy starting with the Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Boar/Pig on February 5 with the New Moon in Aquarius. Read More


We’re in week four of the government shutdown in a macrocosmic battle of “For the Good of All” vs. “For the Good of Me” with hundreds of thousands of Americans microcosmically and directly being screwed (which will quickly become millions of Americans in the cascade-effect that is following). Accusations and investigations are flying from all sides at our president and Mueller’s report is due within a month to six weeks, according to recent reporting. “Scary” just jumped up a couple of notches. But it always does when a bubble or boil is about to pop. Read More


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Did you feel something hit the fan on Tuesday? Or Wednesday? Or Thursday or Friday? What a week! I had five emergency readings on Tuesday and several others throughout the rest of the week that were all based on fear. The fear that surfaced was bad enough yet none of it was new. But an unidentified energy exploded some deepest fears for certain people until they became unbearable and uncontainable. That brought severe over-reaction, freak-out, or in some cases, meltdown. Read More


While I hope that people are generally having a great beginning to the Gregorian calendar New Year, the feeling I get within and from clients is that the leftover 2017 energy is still clinging and nothing feels that new or better. From how the news has been filled with shocking and dire political strife, not just for our country, we can get pretty down and hopeless.
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On Saturday, January 28, we finally come into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and the energy shift into 2017! The normally fiery personality of Rooster coupled with it being a Fire Year doubles action, brings enthusiasm and energy into everything we feel and do and uplifts how we accomplish our journey forward. Hope and action are key concepts this year led by common sense and good values which come back into style.

2016 felt much longer than a single year as it’s been the culmination of a ten year cycle that got pretty intense at the end. Challenges and lessons we’ve overcome and learned (or not) over those ten years propel us into a brand new energy. This year is the foundation for our next ten years. And beyond. Read More

Preparing for 2014 12/16/2013

Preparing for 2014

As we head toward the end of 2013 and get ready to take on a new year, here are some things to know to help in surviving where we’ve been, adapting to where we are now and preparing for where we’re going. I’ve talked about most of these occurrences before. The difference is that now there is a lot of energetic change overlapping and coming to a head, clearing us out, so to speak, before we move into 2014. Read More

Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Full Moon on March 27, 2013

Get ready for a busy end of March and beginning of April. With all the challenging energy we’ve had to face since the big shift last year on December 21st, I’m sure people are wondering “When do we get a break?” I feel that’s coming immediately. However, for some who have made choices that keep them stuck, this new energy just heightens what they’re already not facing. Read More