Mercury Direct July 2014

Have you been having fun with our four retrograde planets pushing us into self-evaluation and self-judgment? The best result of this energy has been bringing us clarity on our ascension into the Aquarian Age. The worst is that self-involvement and self-righteousness can run wild. It’s all about refining the ego and it’s up to us whether we do a good or bad job of it.

But hold on. We’re almost done with the hardest part of the journey when Mercury goes direct on July 1. It won’t be completely over but there’s definitely an ease. Then there’s good news ahead (we sure need it) coming toward the middle of July and running for over a year. Read More

Endings and Beginnings

Even though April’s Cardinal Grand Cross with its bookend eclipses has come, shaken things up, and gone, we are still in the deep throes of reaction and adjustment. For most people I’ve talked with, and for myself, May has brought a less oppressive exterior energy and more relentless interior energy.

As it was believed the Grand Cross event heralded the energetic end of the Piscean Age, the issues we’ve been dealing with, that are now shoved right in our faces, are much older and deeper than what we’ve been working on in the last year or even from childhood. Issues that we brought forward from other lives (and who doesn’t have those?), are clearer in May and smacking us without mercy, making us question ourselves in every way possible. Read More

The Solar Eclipse of April 2014

As we prepare for the new beginning that is marked by the April 29th New Moon and Solar Eclipse, which includes the opportunity to manifest in ways we never could before, here’s some information on the power of eclipses from astrologer Gahl Sasson from his Cosmic Navigator newsletter:

Traditionally, eclipses are associated with fated events, situations that you have “decided” to experience before you were born but obviously have no recollection of. During eclipses that are as intense as the ones happening this month, free-will leaves the stage in favor of destiny and the Three Fates. Some events must transpire whether we like it or not. Eclipses are whirlpools of incidents that guide us down the rabbit hole into a new reality that we are forced to accept. Read More

After The Cardinal Grand Cross

The worst of the Cardinal Grand Cross in-your-face energy has passed but expect to feel the effects of it for weeks, if not months, to come. Moving forward will be considerably easier, but it takes a while for us to settle after an event like this. For the next few days or weeks, we may feel numb or have an inexplicable, low-grade headache that lasts for days or as if we’re recovering from a hangover. And we are – an energetic hangover.

This shift has affected our bodies just as much as our spiritual reality. So in the coming days and weeks, please be aware of how your body reacts to things. If certain areas of your body seem weaker or more troublesome, its showing you not only what your weakest link is but how to identify when you get too stressed. Read More

The Cardinal Grand Cross in April

From February 16 through May 3, we are leading up to and then coming back from our biggest astrological event of the year: the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 – the major crossroad of 2014.

This specific event is considered to be the energetic end of the Piscean Age and beginning of the Aquarian Age. Even though this transition happened on December 21, 2012, the energy and beliefs of 2,000 years don’t stop on a dime. It will still take years for our final transformation, and this Cardinal Grand Cross brings a huge one. Read More

Beware of April

The difficult months this year, the ones to watch out for because their energy will be the most challenging, are: January (which, thankfully, we’ve already passed), April and August.

 August is a yearly event, as I’ve written about before. Feng Shui calls it “The Hungry Ghosts Month” as it is believed the Gates of Hell are opened and angry ghosts walk the Earth causing problems. As I’ve observed it, August seems to be the month of karmic-catch-up. Which means a month of God-smacking. Which brings inner challenges. Which, of course, we all just love! Read More