Since we experienced the big Energy Shift on the Jewish New Year (Friday, September 18), most of us have been adjusting to life in a new vibration. And that’s been really, really hard. With everything else we’re dealing with in our physical world (pandemic, political chaos, picking up each others fear), we just got thrown, not lifted but thrown, a mile high closer to Heaven (or the Aquarian Age vibe which can feel like Heaven in these times). Read More


Did anyone else feel that hit of positive, uplifiting, hopeful energy immediately after the total solar eclipse last Monday? While I was expecting a shift, I didn’t think it would be that obvious or deep.

I was in readings all day, even during the event of the eclipse in my area, but I was aware what time it reached its apex. Within fifteen minutes after it had passed, I was suddenly happy and hopeful and had a new energy I haven’t experienced for years. Like I was hit with a Happy Stick. It lasted all day and night. A more subdued version of it is still with me now.

The message I got with this post-ecliptic surge was…hope. Read More