The quieting of activity in astrology tells us we are in a recovery time from the turmoil of the year of karmic catch-up and lessons of self-awareness. Yet the energy over the last two weeks has not supported the feeling of any downtime. Emotionally, things have been coming to an unexpected head – things that have been simmering for a long time. Months, even years’ worth of fear, presenting itself as anger, resentment, and frustration – mostly about self – has finally seemed to explode. That means chaotic behavior has hit a high, mostly among men, which means the chaos is taken out on others. It’s been very destructive. Read More

A Psychic on Psychics

Recently a client sent me an article about five people being bilked by psychics. The first sentence talked about how “We all know psychics are the scum of the earth…” and went on from there. I don’t feel like scum. But it just goes to show the lack of awareness and general opinion of my profession. Because, unfortunately, too many psychics are scam artists.

I have known many psychics in the course of my career. While there are those who are truly gifted and know how to use their gifts, that’s a rare combination. There are more who are gifted but don’t use the gifts well, many who have no gifts at all and still present themselves as psychic and many more who have the gift and use it outright to prey on people who are genuinely looking for help. Unfortunately, the latter are the most widely known. Read More