Since Mars started squaring Saturn and Pluto last Monday, July 27 (bringing aggression, war and power struggles), in addition to Mars being in Aries (masculine lessons now coming forward in anger), we’ve been hit with some pretty weird, stressful energy. On that Monday last week, my phone, computer, internet and Constant Contact all went weird. Dee, the lovely lady who publishes my stuff through Constant Contact, wasn’t able to get my newsletter out until much later than usual as the site was down until late evening. And even though she called me several times to let me know, nothing rang through to my phone. I didn’t get her messages until the next day. That chaos continued all last week. It felt like Mercury retrograde on steroids (and still does) even though Mercury is direct. Read More


We’ve had a lot of changes and turmoil in the last week—physical (pandemic resurgence) and energetic (personally tired and easily overwhelmed)–more than usual in a year that’s all about changing. That’s just part of our 2020 journey as we begin the Summer of Chaos, with July and August being the hardest months we have to face. Challenges continue before and after that through the end of the year, but with all that’s going on in these upcoming months, it’s best to get a handle on where we all stand within self, because we’re going to be tested. Read More


We can look at the situation we’re in right now, as the pandemic directs our lives, in a couple of ways. While a lot of us are taking it seriously and following the recommendations of experts by sheltering in place, using masks when going out for necessities and practicing social distancing, quite a few of us see it as more of an annoyance than a threat, while others are denying its existence completely. Read More


We have the most powerful Full Moon of the year on Thursday, May 7 (except for those enhanced by eclipses coming in later). This Moon is in Scorpio, which deals with death, rebirth and transformation and, right now, is probably the most important sign in the Zodiac and very appropriate for where we are. It’s also a Moon of enlightenment and magic, and of healing, which we all need on so many levels. Read More


Can you believe there are only fifteen more days until 2020? Or, if we start the year when the energy changes, forty days until the Chinese New Year on January 25, The Year of the Rat! As forty is a significant number of creating change, if today or tomorrow we start contemplating what we want to accomplish in the New Year and honor our thoughts, prayers or meditations about that every day in some way, on the fortieth day, January 25, we’ve accomplished a jump start on a year of incredible enlightenment.

2019 has gone slow or fast, depending on the week or month, inconsistent with the number of days within each, and in unexpected ways. It’s put me in kind of a time warp. August and September felt like three months long each, November went by in a blink and December is going too fast. I’m already thinking in 2020 terms, writing the date as 2020 and saying “2020” instead of “2019”. No matter what challenges the new year brings, I’m really looking forward to it.

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Did you feel the release yesterday?

Even before the Moon hit full in the late afternoon/early evening, my cats were nuts all day, running around and playing – releasing all the pent up/built up energy of the demanding previous week. I had trouble finishing writing this post because there was a cat (new baby, Peri) wanting to play all the time! When she wasn’t trying to get on the keyboard for attention, I could still feel her want! She normally sleeps next to the computer while I work. But not yesterday! In my face! Very cute and sweet, but difficult to get anything done.

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Original Newsletter Post – 7/22/19

Every year there is a time when a majority of planets retrograde in the same month, giving us a crash course in self-assessment. For the last several years, that month was August. That coincided with Feng Shui’s Hungry Ghosts Month, where the spirits of the dead walk the Earth to cause havoc – basically causing Karma to visit in a concentrated dose (which is why I call August the Karmic Catch-up Month).
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The day after Christian Holy Week started with Palm Sunday on April 14, a fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It burned for 15 hours, destroyed the spire and roof, and damaged the upper walls. While three people were injured, no lives were lost. Holy relics and art were protected and preserved. But the event was felt around the world with a deep sense of shock, fear and mourning as if the entire structure was completely destroyed. That feeling has subsided as current events cycled in the news, especially after it was known the damage was contained, but the reaction was incredibly, soul-wrenchingly emotional.
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