Hello from Austin!

Well, I made it. My dear friend, Steve, came out from Detroit to drive with me and he drove 16 hours without stopping (except for gas) and then we tag-teamed until we made it. Almost 30 hours. Which would have been less if AAA (no less) had given the right directions at the very end.

Was going to take a lot of pictures to share but we were so driven to make the journey, that became our only focus. Besides, I don’t think anyone wants to see what we looked like after 30 hours on the road.

Still, I’m here. Steve is back in Detroit, sleeping, no doubt. And the cats and I are acclimating to our new home. Which is lovely. They actually handled the trip better than expected and have already picked out favorite spots. I have a huge window viewing trees and lawn and have had wild deer grazing on said lawn every morning and afternoon. Apparently they come in from the outback to country communities so they won’t be shot. Smart and pretty. Read More