Surviving Mercury 3/13/2013

Surviving Mercury

How is everyone surviving this Mercury retrograde? Especially with all the fun the Full Moon brought us at the beginning of it. The retrograde is over on March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), so a little ease comes in, but I’ve been hearing that the Full Moon coming on March 27th is significant in a very spiritual way, an important moon, a Christ Moon, that has been anticipated for years. It starts off a two week run of interesting/challenging planetary activity, so we don’t have much down time between lessons/opportunities.

What’s been happening with this, the first Mercury retrograde in this water-centric year, is, as usual, dealing with old issues, going back over whatever past hasn’t been fixed or healed, basically handling whatever lingers that’s out of balance. However, it feels that the energy and issues being faced have been cranked up to 11 and are covering a lot more than just the usual focus time from the last Mercury retrograde until now. Instead, it feels like it’s covering old issues that go back to childhood or touching on remnants of past lives that keep lingering.

It’s kind of a “buck stops here” energy. It’s fierce. And the main focus seems to be on health and the health of relationships.

I feel that even though this cold/flu virus that’s been going around is a new, more virulent strain, it wouldn’t be so knock-down-drag-out awful (with multiple relapses no matter what treatment is taken) without the population being so out of balance with their bodies and immune systems. With the way society and the economy have given us a stress level that’s off the charts, how many of us really get the chance to rest and heal long enough when we get sick? Or daily take care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit with the demands and challenges of the day and the quick offers of body-harming-but-easily-available foods? And I’m not just talking about fast food.

Even if we’re eating well, working out and sleeping enough right now, there’s still what’s been left unhealed from the past that doesn’t necessarily come back in its original form but certainly has weakened our immune system so we’re more susceptible to anything that wants to take it’s place. Know that handling things via western medicine more than likely masks the one issue, doesn’t deal with the underlying problem and frequently can do harm by killing healthy bacteria in our intestines which is what our immune systems rely on.

And this “health” retrograde has been about more than just the virus going around. Resurgences of diabetes, cancer, heart issues – any health issues that have seemed dormant – have been bumped up to DEFCON ONE. It seems like it’s coming out of nowhere, but it’s not. It’s coming out of what we have pushed to the background but have never fully healed.

Add the Full Moon energy that hit on February 25th, two days after the retrograde started, and that brings up out-of-balance emotional issues. Hence, any relationship problems, including those we might have within (how we see ourselves and our issues from childhood/past lives), have been thrust to the forefront saying, “Deal with me! Deal with me! DEAL WITH ME!!!”

This means any relationship – lover, friend, family – that lacks balance between the two individuals, i.e. one person gives more, the other takes, one person wants more, the other doesn’t have a clue or care, consciously or unconsciously, is going to seem more imbalanced and someone is going to strongly react to bring the imbalance to a head. That means, at the least, severe misunderstandings and, at the most, nasty break ups. Most of the readings I’ve done so far during this retrograde have been about just that.

All of this Mercury-forced looking back and dealing with the lingering past could be seen as just adding to our stress and be dealt with anywhere from severe annoyance at having to focus on mind, body and spirit, to just plain refusing to accept what needs to be done.

But there’s a deeper plan in mind. As we’re all evolving in this New Age, our bodies have to evolve too. That which has kept us out of balance in the past needs to be faced and cleared up in order for us to take full advantage of what’s happening to us. The connection being our emotional issues affecting our health is becoming widely recognized. So our facing it is being forced by events like this Mercury retrograde with accompanying intense Full Moon.

Please take whatever is challenging you in the moment seriously. Do something about it seriously. Focus on healing the whole. Focus on healing yourself not anyone else. Try to avoid putting a bandage on a bigger issue because there is no time to deal with it. If that happens, the problem comes back stronger and stronger until we have to take the time.

Focus on relationships by understanding where you’re out of balance, not the other person. We can only change ourselves. What is out of balance in any situation is a reflection of where we are out of balance personally. Sometimes that’s hard to face, but, again, the buck stops here and now. It’s important we get ourselves “fixed” for the true affect of this New Age shift to fully be appreciated and change things in our lives, humankind in general and our world, for the better.

Also take into consideration that while we’re working on all this stress and dis-ease in mind, body, spirit and relationship, the energy is being absorbed by our pets who are working very, very hard to help us get though this, sometimes to their own detriment.

This retrograde is just assisting us – as it always does – to see things from another point of view. Trust that even the difficult challenges are given to us because we’re holding on to things we don’t need and sometimes being forced to face issues is the only way we can let go of them.

As this retrograde ends, be aware that that is one step on a ladder. This year is going to be a helluva ride only perceived as negative if we go against the flow. So, as the Beatles said: “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream.”

More on the upcoming March special Full Moon, the planetary activity that follows and how to take care of your immune system in the next few newsletters. Hang in. It’s all worth it.

With love and gratitude…

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