Surviving and Thriving in August 8/6/2012

Surviving and Thriving in August

So, August is here. I truly hope I’m wrong about the looming difficulty I’ve seen coming and have experienced in past Augusts. I hope this month is going great for you. In case it’s not, here’s what I’ve been observing and how best to deal with it.

The energy is indeed over the top. Emotions and reactions are extreme, even within self. Everyone seems to be hit with a Job-from-the-Bible test: everything goes wrong just to see how we deal with it. And it’s going to last all month. We can look at this time as a hard lesson about extremes (one of the many we’ve experienced about finding our balance), or just be pissed that things are so difficult.

The purpose, to me (and you know I believe everything has a purpose), is about showing us what’s important, how to deal with difficulty that’s not our normal everyday stuff and an opportunity to identify and let go of what gets in our way. It’s shaking up the rigidity and strictness of the power-over Piscean Age concepts to get them out of our consciousness. It’s here to help us even though it may not feel like that. Whatever, we have to face it. Or at least live through it the best way we can.

Most, so far, are dealing simply by flailing about, taking their discomfort out on others, the way children lash out when they can’t stop pain. They’re unaware how much this time is affecting them, they just react. This is worse with anyone in even a slight position of power or responsibility, like bosses who may chronologically be in their 40’s but are young souls learning hard lessons, acting like they’re 12. And a spoiled 12 at that.

Those who are trying to cope and stay balanced can easily be thrown off before they know it. The stress creeps up on you. Just when you think you’re dealing with it, all of a sudden you react in an extreme way and then realize how much you were being affected. It’s sneaky, this energy.

So even though we may be aware when we are bombarded with the intense energy of others, we may not know how intensely we’re reacting. We feel everything more acutely, so normal reactions to extreme encounters and situations are extreme, too. We may not see that when we’re in the middle of it, but if we work on taking stock of ourselves, we can avoid ensuing ramifications. Even if we aren’t the perpetrator of out-of-balance negativity, we can overreact just as easily and intensely as those who know no better. And then our reactions can bounce off someone else without intention.

Being aware of one main theme can tell you how badly people (and yourself) are reacting: “should”. “Should” is a big concept that’s a judgment and an ego statement. It’s a thought process of entitlement we learned growing up that is an indicator of how out of balance we are. Listen to others and how many times they bring up “should”. Listen to how you speak to others and to your inner monologue. Take all the “shoulds” out of them. In fact, delete anything that starts with a “should” from your vocabulary and thought process for the entire month. And try to avoid or deflect anyone coming at you with a “should”.

Here are some common August themes I’ve found in my readings (from past Augusts and in recent weeks):

  • Money challenges are worse than ever for many. People are getting down to their last dime without having any savings or back up.
  • Self-doubt and self-judgment are at an all time high, which makes us uncomfortable in our own skin – one of the main reasons most take things out on others.
  • Sleeping is erratic without a pattern. We can wake in the middle of the night in emotional turmoil (from picking up the energy of those in extreme turmoil), or not be able to sleep until well into the wee hours of the morning. It changes from night to night without a break.
  • Eating right or dieting is like pushing a two ton boulder up hill, we invariably will fall somewhere along the line. Which is followed by self-doubt and self-judgment. Which makes us want to eat the wrong things more to feel comforted or grounded. Followed by more self-judgment.
  • Relationships are taking a hit because everyone’s into their own journey. It’s difficult to see that someone else is going through their own gut-ripping self-judgment when they take it out on you. You, in turn, react in the extreme with thoughts like “It’s their fault! I haven’t done anything wrong!” Because the extreme inward-looking is forced on everyone, it’s hard for us to see when we’re overreacting as opposed to seeing things clearly. Or to see the difficulty another is experiencing.
  • Everything seems to be closing in on us: love (whether we have a relationship that isn’t working all of a sudden or the extreme need for love that hasn’t happened yet), the right job (again, whether we’ve got one or not), the right place to live, not having enough money. Whatever has fear around it because we might lose it or not get it is hitting us like a sledgehammer.
  • Time feels off. Every day seems like it’s a week or a month long. An hour seems like a day. This can feel like the longest month we’ve ever experienced.
  • Patience – forget it. That’s not a concept we will see in any way this month.

But it’s all in the perception and awareness of what’s happening and a willingness to take action for the good of yourself, those you love and the rest of Humanity (and the animal realm as well), even if no one else is understanding or dealing with it.

Being the only one who is aware and taking action can bring up feelings of “Why should I have to be the one?” Watch that. Everyone’s having a hard time. Unless we can get inside someone else’s skin, we have no idea what’s going on. Give everyone, yourself included, a free pass for August even if no one gives you one. Take the high road, even if you’re the only one who does.

Put yourself in others’ shoes. Give credence to whatever is pushing someone else’s buttons by knowing there is a legitimate reason for whatever and however they’re reacting, even if you don’t see it or it wouldn’t be what pushes your buttons.

Here are some suggestions for the best way to deal with this energy:

  • Regarding the difficulty with money: be frugal if you have to without griping that it “shouldn’t” be this way. We live in such a land of plenty, even with the Recession, that not having what we think of as basics brings freak time. But we really can survive on a lot less if we have to. This isn’t extreme survival, but it can feel like it. Let go of what you want or expect you deserve and deal with what’s in front of you with as much gratitude as you can find.
  • Know that normal sleeping patterns aren’t gone forever. Sleep when and how you can. Try to take the anxiety out of things not being normal. With so much energy swirling around, we feel enervated without logical reason. It’s hard to sleep with that much activity on a constant high. Know there is a reason for it, it’s not permanent, and try to take things in stride. Sleeping medications are not really going to work that well right now, so try more natural, stress-reducing methods instead.
  • As always, if we feel someone else’s fear or anxiety, we don’t usually recognize it as outside of ourselves so we assign it to something we’re already fearful of or anxious about. Suddenly those issues seem monumental when they’re really not any worse than yesterday. Try to be aware of what’s yours and what’s not. As I’ve mentioned before, ask: “Is this my fear?” “Is this my anxiety?” Ask it aloud as many times as you need to. And in August, you’ll need to.
  • Be conscious of what you’re eating but avoid dieting or strictness in any way. Giving yourself a hard time because you “should” eat healthy but really want a burger and fries only adds stress. And stress is our biggest challenge this month. If you really have to have that burger and fries, forgive yourself and know that tomorrow you’ll try to even it out. Or leave it to September to even it out. Just avoid the stress and guilt of self-judgment.
  • The same thing goes for exercise if we feel we “should” be working out. Just keep active in some way: walk, do yoga, play a sport, without the stress of “should”.
  • Time displacement is here to break up the extreme discipline of the Piscean Age, so try to get away from watching the clock. Time isn’t going to feel right anyway.
  • Know that this doesn’t last forever. It’s one bloody month, not the rest of our lives. However, this energy makes it seem as if whatever is going on in the moment is the most important, long-lasting, never-going-to-change moment we’ve ever had. Try to see things in the Big Picture, not from the beginning of the day to the end, but the beginning of the year to the end, or the beginning of this life to its end. What’s happening in our world is always changing. This is just one of the times of abrupt change.
  • A good mantra for this month: “This too shall pass.” Or if you’d rather put it in the present tense, “This too passes.” Meditate with that. It does help. So does any meditation or work to release via spiritual growth.
  • As Feng Shui suggests, this being the Hungry Ghosts month, burn incense and ring chimes and bells regularly – at least once a day – to appease the spirits. I get my incense from They also have bells and chimes and are the ones who supply most of the stores that carry incense and chimes.

Beware of explosions of anger, or other negative reactions that are built-up energy needing release, followed by welcoming peace. Yes, we need the release of that kind of explosion but try to find a different way of channeling it than letting it take control of you and damage those around you. Do the yoga release or yell (not at someone), drum with a purpose, hit things (not people or animals, but a couch with a tennis racket or a baseball with a bat or each other with Nerf bats). The trick is to find the peace before the explosion.

And, as always, be aware that our animals are picking up not just the energy as it shifts and challenges, but our reactions to it as well. They get a double dose of August. Think of how difficult this is for you then multiply it by two. So have patience for strange pet behavior. Spend some extra time running your cat around with a string before bedtime, or making your dog jump for a ball. Physical exercise is one of their only releases. And if they need to be closer to you, spend time with them. They’re working so hard for us, we can put the energy in to make it better for them.

Also, before sleeping, imagine your entire house surrounded by a sphere of beautiful blue light for protection and peace. Use all your senses to create it. Then imagine everyone in your household, including pets, individually surrounded by their own spheres. Call in your guides, angels and ancestors to help you assimilate this energy without harm to self or others.

And breathe. Breathe deeply imagining the gold-light of the Earth’s energy coming in with the air and dislodging anything that brings discomfort within. Imagine the discomfort as blocks of darkness clogging up your life flow. Let the gold light break it up then exhale it.

Those who have awareness of what’s going on and have tools to deal with it also have the responsibility to lead by example. This is a time of huge leaps forward in power-within understanding, not a time to settle into self-involvement. If we starting thinking of what’s not happening for us or what is happening to us and start to simmer in resentment and the unfairness of it all, try to immediately switch those feelings to gratitude and understanding.

That’s going to be hard, but once we get the hang of it, it’s easier than it seems. And it puts us on top of the energy rather than being in the middle of it.

May we all gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the world by going through August. It’s what the energy is trying to teach us, bitchy as it seems. It’s only bitchy if we allow it to be.

With love and gratitude…

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