Before we get to the SuperMoon info (which is pretty tremendous), one more note on “The Election That Has Turned the World Upside Down”.

Up until the morning of election day, I KNEW Hillary was going to win. But when I woke on Tuesday morning, I had a sense of dread that wasn’t associated with this Year of Fear. So something shifted overnight that came from a source higher than the masses of Piscean Age holdouts. It was as if Spirit stepped up and decided the best way for the holdouts to get with the program was to give them their head. It’s like giving your dog a long, long leash, letting him run and run and run, allowing him to discipline himself before the lead runs out. He will strangle himself if he doesn’t. It happens all the time with people. It’s now going to happen with a group of them.

And while it’s easy to divide ourselves into “camps”, please remember that everyone is important, even the most misogynistic self-entitled racist, because everyone is here to learn something. And as I’ve said, most of the young energies who reincarnated in this life took on more than they could handle and quit early on. They are the ones who are fighting so violently for their “rights” to be stagnant bullies.

Something else to remember as we move into this new (Trump) Era that seems to have nothing to do with the Aquarian Age we entered in 2012: we’re only as good as the least of us. So it’s time for the least of us to get with the program. Those who understand (whether in conscious awareness of what’s going on or are just naturally moving into the new vibe) have a lot to offer to help those who are fighting against adapting. But this isn’t about gentle love anymore. It’s tough love time. Super Tough Love. And Spirit is participating.

Look at it this way (as I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters): if we line up everyone on the Earth, with the most enlightened at the front and the least enlightened at the back, when the most enlightened takes a step, everyone has to wait to take the second step until the entire line has taken the first one. That’s where we are. Having taken a step over the last 20 years so quickly with the accelerated vibrational awakening of the Aquarian Age, we’re now waiting for everyone else to catch up. Just think of the next four years as part of that waiting period.

This SuperMoon is just in time to release and cleanse us not just of what just happened, but all the desperation to hold onto self-power in what WAS and fear in losing self in the new energy. Emotions will run high for everyone over the weekend as we near this intense Moon. But so much the better. Let us purge now because we all have a lot of work to do.

Let this moon release our sorrow and sense of betrayal and depression and disgust. Then we can figure out how each of us, individually and in small and large groups, are going to lead/teach/parent these lost souls, knowing we have the help of Spirit to get it done. And “teaching” isn’t always about TELLING someone to do or think something. There are many ways to get the point across and most of them don’t have anything to do with direct conversation, especially when those we’re trying to reach DON’T WANT TO LISTEN.

So let the Godsmacking begin.

Thanks for reading. Now onto the SuperMoon. Here is an excerpt from the ever-wise Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasson, about the November 14th special Full Moon:

On November 14th, the Moon will be very intimate with her soul mate, planet Earth. In fact, the Moon will be so close to us that she would appear 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than usual. SuperMoons happen every so often, but this one is a cosmic acasuality. The Moon will be full right when she is at the closest orbit to earth (called apogee). Here is what NASA has to say:

“This month’s is especially ‘super’ for two reasons: it is the only supermoon this year to be completely full, and it’s the closest moon to Earth since 1948…The moon won’t be this super again until 2034.”

Taurus SuperMoon
Not only is the November 14th lunation a SuperMoon but it also happen to be in Taurus, the sign of exaltation. In other words, the Moon will enjoy its best hospitality and therefore she would be able to bestow on us her best cosmic rays. She will show us her full glory and glamour. Goddess knows we need this now! We can all do with some nutriment, financial help, a boost of self-worth, and a connection to our talents and values – all aspects ruled by the Moon in Taurus. Imagine the Moon being our mother and now she decided she must come the closest she has been for decades to give us a celestial hug. Kind of “come to mama” moment to make the boo-boo go away and reassure us that “everything’s gonna be alright.”

Pluto and Chiron
To make this Full Moon even more auspicious as well as benevolent, are the trine aspects to Pluto and the sextile to Chiron. These two aspects, which originate from sacred geometry, are associated with doors opening and flow of energy. Pluto relates to power, sexuality, death and transformation, finance, and the ability to manifest. Chiron, the wounded healer, represents healing, technology, and teaching. When these two heavenly bodies send such good aspects to the Moon, it enhances her influence and colors the message she is sending our way. After all, we are now in the realm of Scorpio and indeed, Pluto, is the ruler of Scorpio. This makes November 14th a full SuperMoon on steroids, or maybe on estrogen…

Processes Come to Completion
Full Moons represent an end of a process. Perhaps the Full Moon, taking place a week after the scariest U.S. election in history, will mark the end of the contention over the results. But in our personal lives, it can help shed whatever blocks us from expressing our sexuality, intimacy, our talents and values. This coming Full Moon is arguably the most powerful Full Moon of our lives. She can help us shine the light we need in order to dive deep into our shadow (Chiron) and retrieve our gifts, talents and hidden abilities. Pay attention to complements in the next few days as people around you might channel the High Priestess (Tarot card of the Moon), and give you a glimpse at your gifts and talents that could translate in the future to sources of income.

Wherever you are on the planet, have a great Full SuperMoon and hope to see you soon in person, in dream, or in the astral realms…

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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