Super Moon On September 9

For those of you doing any kind of honoring of the Full Moon – the first cleansing and releasing energy following our year of karmic-release – know that whatever you do has extra significance and power because September 9 brings a Super Moon.

While some sites and calendars report that the Full Moon falls on Monday, September 8, it happens so late in the day that in many areas, it’s already Tuesday, September 9 which makes it the first day of the Full Moon. And when doing any releasing, it’s best not to work until after the Moon has hit its apex and gone from waxing to waning, and is in its own releasing energy.

A Super Moon is an astronomical phenomenon, an optical illusion that makes the moon appear brighter and larger than normal because of its close proximity to Earth.

In Feng Shui, a Super Moon is considered very lucky. Lillian Too writes:

It is extremely auspicious to view the Super Moon while making silent supplications to the Moon Goddess who grants wishes related to your love life! The Moon Goddess brings love and romance into the lives of young men and women; it also brings beautiful offspring and marital bliss to those already married, and happiness in old age to those past one cycle of the Chinese Astrological calendar (60 years).

This is also a good time to charge your sacred mirrors. When you look up at the Moon, hold your mirror high up to reflect the light of the Moon and then recite a wish-fulfilling mantra at least three times, thinking of what you wish to accomplish. This is a powerful practice, especially potent for the fulfillment of romantic wishes. If you are looking for love or to connect with someone special, then you can use this opportunity to supplicate the Moon Goddess and feel her radiant light blessings.

Always remember that doing any work to influence someone against their will comes back at you three times so please avoid the temptation.

As this is such a significant time for wrapping up the challenging energy of the last year (August to August), I am offering my take on the Energy of the Day each day from September 9 (Full Moon) to September 24 (New Moon). Even if it’s not in your practice to do any kind of honoring of the Moon, I hope what I write (from Divine inspiration) helps in some way as we move through this important time and prepare for accelerated leaps forward in our spiritual awareness and vibrational understanding. 

For today, however, here is an excerpt from an article by Jose Stevens ( on “Freedom, Initiation and Selflessness”, which includes an easy meditation to help accept joy.

Given the current climate on the Earth, Spirit has resorted to using a much bigger tool to wake us up and get us on track. It is a very simple tool really. We could call it various things: turning up the heat, turning the screws, holding our feet to the fire, turning up the lights, cranking up the music, increasing the intensity, turning up the alarm. The frequency, the vibration, the amplitude is being cranked up, every day, higher and higher.

Now this is not done in some sort of sadistic way or punitively. Some smart phones have a wake up alarm feature that starts low and slowly increases in volume until you can’t ignore it and it gets you out of bed. Perhaps this is painful for some but it gets the job done. In a word it is a SERVICE.

This is why the world seems to be going amok with mass shootings, revolutions, attacks, high profile suicides, absolutely nutty behavior by politicians and other people in the media. The volume is being turned up so that people can no longer be complacent and ignore what is going on. They are being awakened from their torpor, their age old trance state that allows them to sleep through the absolutely outrageous conditions in the world, the inequality, the suffering, the injustice, the destructive focus of whole cultures, the greed of the business world, and so on. The weather is being turned on its head. Everything is intensifying to the point where no one can remain asleep any longer.

Some will choose suicide. Some will crack and behave insanely. Some will become so frightened that they will try to halt all progress. Some will hunker down and persevere in their blindness.

The vast majority however will wake up and take responsibility for the changes that are needed. Now that is good news indeed. Like an alarm that annoyingly gets louder, we are being served in the best way possible. What an initiation! It’s wake up time. Good morning.

A practice:

Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Relax and breathe evenly and deeply. Offer no struggle or resistance to the parade of thoughts in your monkey mind. For a couple of minutes as you breathe in, say “accepting” to all your thoughts. As you breathe out, say “releasing” to all those thoughts. Once you have this process going you can now focus on the next part.

Recall a memory of service that brought joy to you: Remember feeding your much loved dog, cat, horse or whatever and how you watched with satisfaction and love as they gobbled up the food or the treat you gave them. Perhaps remember giving your children a bath and toweling them off and helping them to get dressed, or lifting them up on your shoulders and carrying them around. Remember the look of amazement and gratitude a friend gave you when you did something special and out of the ordinary for them. Recall the relief of drooping plants when you gave them water.

Call up any memory that produces a smile, a feeling of love, a feeling of tenderness that motivated you to do something special for someone or something. Focus specifically on your heart as you do this and feel whatever you feel.

Now reflect on the sense of responsibility that you took on to serve this beast, person, or plant in this way and how you didn’t really mind even though it might have been inconvenient.

Now repeat these words:

“I am the open door that no man can shut.

I am the hollow bone through which Spirit flows eternally and without limit.

I bless all that I see, all that appears before me.

As a consequence my life is profoundly good.”

Now sit with that and run through some of the people, animals, and plants, whether living or past, that you recall. Spend a few minutes with this.

Finally feel grateful for your good fortune in knowing these creatures.

Do this every day for a time and see what happens.

With love and gratitude…

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