Summer of Karmic God-Smacking 7/12/2012

Summer of Karmic God-Smacking

One of the great benefits of my job is being able to regularly talk to people all over the world and get the energetic “temperature” of the planet, i.e. the pattern of shifts we’re experiencing in this intense year of change.  I frequently have several clients in one day, who don’t know each other and live in different states, experiencing the same issues out of the blue.  That, coupled with messages I get during readings and in meditations, gives me the info that I pass on to you.

Anyone who’s had a reading with me over the last couple of months knows that I’ve been saying 1) this is the summer of karmic God-smacking, and 2) July and August are going to be the bitch months of the year.  Well, we’re right in the middle of July, and it’s living up to my expectations.  Did you feel the thick, awful dis-ease energy of the shift two days ago?  And Mercury’s going retrograde on the evening of Saturday, July 14th, which means already testy communication and problems with electronics and travel are leaping into the OMG! phase.
The overall challenge we’re facing right now, whether it’s because of Uranus squaring Pluto or the ever increasing solar flares or Mercury going retrograde at the worst time, is to be in balance.  If we’re not in balance, this bitch summer will shove whatever’s out of balance within us right in our faces so we have to deal with it.  It’s a service from the Universe to help us grow, just not an easy one.
Most of our out-of-balance issues come either from early childhood (when we’re too young to remember how the issues came into being) or stuff brought forward from past lives (which most of us don’t consciously remember at all).  These are the things we have just accepted because it seems they always were. 
These opportunities to get into balance are usually seen as negative interruptions to the desired flow of our lives.  However, they are vitally important to deal with not just because they will not go away until we do, but because they’re a crystal-clear way of facing and healing difficult, long-term life lessons in a very short period of time.  Try to look at anything coming at you right now that really irritates or angers you as a mirror of something that is out of balance within.
Example:  over the last 10 days, I’ve had eight instances of people blatantly disrespecting my time and my gifts.  That’s an all time high.  Mostly it had to do with people being late for a reading or not showing up at all and either having an attitude about it or defending themselves by attacking me.  I progressively got more and more angry with every event.  I could put these instances on those people, see them as their problems and only their problems, but I chose to see them as a mirror of something out of balance within myself and I asked “What am I supposed to learn from this?”
In looking at this themed barrage as a reflection of something off within me, I realized I must be unconsciously putting off some energy that allows people to tell me and act as if I’m not worthy.  Since I feel I’m pretty worthy, I had to go back to a time before I developed my own worth to see where this came from.  For me, that was easy…the problem comes from my mother.  Having her own self-confidence issues, she chose to put me down to build herself up from the time I was old enough to walk and talk. 
Having that be part of my psyche keeps me out of my own balance even though on a day to day basis, it doesn’t really seem to interrupt my life.  But it does keep me from standing in my own power-within, as if a little mother voice continually whispers in my ear that I’m not capable.  While my gut tells me I can do whatever I set my mind to, the voice tells me I can’t.  And sometimes that stops me cold.
Out of balance.  And I didn’t even know it.  And I don’t need to keep it.
This doesn’t mean that the people who were so disrespectful weren’t having their own issues put up as a mirror.  It just means we’re all doing this together.  What everybody needs to learn about themselves dove-tails into what someone else needs; it doesn’t even have to be the same lesson.
The other week I had a client ask me why every time we had a reading I’d tell her about some new difficult energy sweeping over everyone.  I said that the energy isn’t difficult unless you’re out of balance.  If you’re in balance, it brings in serendipity.  Most of us have some issue with our own balance but when we recognize and deal with it, we ride on top of the wave of change instead of being pulverized beneath it.
So back to the bitch months.  I repeat what I’ve said before:  hide if you have to.  Avoid people and situations you don’t absolutely have to be in until we are well into September.  You won’t avoid your own lessons, but you also don’t have to have the lesson come at you like an atomic bomb when a slap in the face will do.  Basically, survive.  It does get better and easier.  Just not for the next six weeks.
With love and gratitude…

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