Spiritual Growth Spurt Alert

Starting on October 21st and running through December 8th we’re in an amazing spiritual growth spurt. Clarification and balancing opportunities are all around us, structured by multiple astrological events. This is another hit of the return of the feminine energy after our 2,000 years of working on masculine awareness.

Here’s what’s going on and how it serves as a focal point to culminate what got started in August with all that karmic realization and release.

October 21 through November 10 – Mercury is retrograde – about looking inward

October 24 through December 8 – no planets in air – going inward with emotion

October 27 through November 5 – the Veil is lifted – going inward with help/connection to spiritual energy

October 31 through November 3 – All Hallow’s Eve – the Veil is almost non-existent – going inward to places we’ve never been before

November 1 – Fourth Exact Square of Pluto and Uranus – a shake up to help us shift

November 2 and 3 – Dark of the Moon – really going inward to see our Shadow Selves

November 3 – New Moon and total Solar Eclipse – release and kick-starting new energy

Add to that the extreme solar activity and solar flares that have been shooting at the Earth more directly than usual and we’ve got that rare but intense emotionally over-reactive state that shakes us up so we can see where we are out of balance – by making us feel really out of balance – and fix it.

Here’s the breakdown in more detail:

Mercury retrograde, October 21 to November 10

Mercury retrograde, as has become commonly known, disrupts communication, causes accidents and travel issues, plays havoc with electronics and vehicles and is a time to avoid signing legal documents or having surgery. But before modern technology was affected by it, the retrograde was traditionally a time to look inward and reassess how we have reacted to or not gotten the lessons of the recent past. It’s a replay of unresolved issues so we can see them more clearly.

No Air in the Heavens, October 24 to December 8

When we moved into Scorpio, a water sign, on October 24th, we moved out of any planetary activity in an air sign until December 8th when Mars moves into Libra. As Air energy relates to intellect, will power and communication, all of those will be challenged with a glut of emotional responses being in place in stead of logical thought. We’re in a forced visit to the depths of our consciousness to understand change and transformation from within. We’ll analyze it later.

The Veil being Lifted, October 27 to November 5, specifically October 31 to November 3

As retrogrades have shadow periods before and after each event, so does the lifting of the Veil that separates the living world from the spiritual world. Before the actual event when the Veil is lifted for three days from October 31st to November 3rd, we feel that eerie and ethereal connection days before and days after. Even though we have been taught to be scared of this connection, it is very natural. In many ways, acknowledging this connections helps us face our mortality by facing where we’re headed, with help from those who have passed.

Suggestions on how best to face and deal with this opportunity are coming in a newsletter in the next day or two.

Pluto Square Uranus, November 1

On November 1st, we have the fourth of six exact squares (spaced out over 3 years) between Pluto and Uranus. This is a very big deal. Because these planets are so far from us and have such long and deep orbits, this will not affect us in the obvious way Mercury retrograde or the New Moon does. But this is the aspect that shifted energy to bring in World War II and the spiritual/awareness revolution of the 60’s, so it instigates big stuff. As we are experiencing so much inner work over the next weeks, this is like a low, constant earthquake under our feet disconnecting our roots in tradition that we’ve held on to for tradition’s sake.

Dark of the Moon, November 2-3

The Dark of the Moon, the time right before the New Moon, can seem very dangerous and mysterious. But it, like the other events right now, takes us to that place of looking inward. And because it is Moon energy, it’s going to be emotional. Pagan and Wiccan tradition says to avoid doing any spell work during this time because the intensity of the energy can eat you alive if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s powerful and goes along with the theme of looking inward for answers, reconnecting with your Shadow Self or the real You.

New Moon and Solar Eclipse, November 3

On November 3rd, we get a New Moon in Scorpio and a Solar Eclipse. This brings the opportunity to use all we learned about ourselves and the shedding of what we don’t need anymore and start the Pagan New Year rejuvenated in a big way. All the emotional lead up to the New Moon is prep and the Moon itself is the payoff. We will feel more focused (although still in emotional energy) with more drive and clarity of our forward movement.

So throughout this intensifying shift, the work is inward and everything you encounter will direct you there, even if you don’t want to go. Emotions will run deep and rich, which in this logical society may not always be appreciated by self or others. Being in touch with non-physical energies will be paramount. Purposefully connect with non-physical energies for answers to questions and directions on what to do and how to know yourself. As I said, I focus on that in the next newsletter coming tomorrow or the next day (depending on my available writing time).

If nothing else, use this spiritual growth spurt energy to listen to and trust your gut instinct completely. It’s always right. Always.

And, as always, be aware how this energy will affect your animals who are feeling it themselves and then channeling your reactions too.

With love and gratitude…

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