We have a busy spiritually-driven weekend that brings in positive, reaffirming energy which we need after the “thunk” of Mercury retrograde hit so many this last week. Once again, I turn this space over to Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson for information on what’s happening and how we can be aware of it, and how we can take advantage of it for our own personal growth.

Gahl writes:

This weekend we are having a mythological crossroad. Stories from different traditions are converging on the full moon in Libra taking place March 29-30. Junctions and crossroads are locations where synchronicities abound. Expect many meaningful coincidences the next few days as celebrations of many different backgrounds come together to create a superstar weekend. As the case with most religious or mystical holidays, the origin is astrological. The seed of the festivities listed below is the equinox (equal day and night) and the Libra (sign of equilibrium) full moon.

Full Moon in Libra, March 30-31 – Passover
The full moon during the month of Aries always fall in Libra. It represents the opposition and balancing of Mars (ruler of Aries) and Venus (ruler of Libra). Mars and Venus are opposite and therefore complimentary forces. While Mars favors war, Venus thrives in peace. While Mars is “I am,” Venus proclaims “We are.” Mars is red, Venus is green. Once a year, when the Sun is exalted in Aries, and the moon is hosted in Libra, we have the opportunity of balancing these forces within us. Aries is Moses that frees us from bondage and Libra shows us the direction to the Promised-Land. Liberating is not enough if peace and harmony does not follow.

This weekend, you will experience synchronicities, dreams, omens, and signs, that can show you a way out of whatever binds you physically, emotionally, intellectually or financially. The Assyrian-Babylonians (creators of astrology) named the month of Aries Nisan which means miracle. This weekend you can receive your miracle, your metaphorical parting of the Sea of Reeds. You can glance at your Promised-Land and experience a glimpse of your full potential.

April 1 – Green-man Day
It so happens that this year’s Easter falls on April Fools’ (next time will be 2029). It is a wonderful synchronicity. April Fools’ is a modern interpretation of the ancient celebration for the Green-man. In the Celtic tradition he is called Cernunnos and he was the god of life, fertility, nature, and wealth. The Green-man personifies nature. He is Mother Nature’s masculine manifestation. He was also the god of the underworld, and if you think about it, we sow seeds in the earth and the roots grow downward into his kingdom. In the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox which marks the first day of Aries, begins the spring, the season when nature comes alive. She is hugged by the Green-man, and resurrects after her winter slumber.

April Fools’, true to its prank and hoax quality, has scholars baffled as for its origin. But at least in Western esoteric traditions, this spring celebration is associated with the Tarot card The Fool. In many decks, he is portrayed wearing green, followed by a dog and about to mindlessly jump off a cliff. The card represents fearlessness, the need to explore new frontiers, and being in a state of a “child mind,” open to new adventures and opportunities. No room of jadedness or caution. Just jump!

This weekend, I recommend spending some time around green or in nature. If you can, plant a tree, a shrub, some herbs. If you are super urban, then at least have some green juice and raise a toast to the ancient deity. In an age of fake news and fake politician, I am sure this weekend and next week will bring some juicy news relating to our foolish leaders.

Easter/Eostre April 1
Easter is a delicious chocolate cake with many layers. You have the bunnies and colored eggs (fertility) from the pagan traditions and the resurrection of Christ from the Christian faith. They live perfectly in harmony since they symbolize the same ideas: return to life, resurrection, procreation, spring and nature. Jesus dies as a human, goes into the cave (underworld) and returns as a spirit or a god. It is an ancient tale of sacrifice and resurrection, the dance of death and life. We see it in the stories of Cybele and her lover/son Attis (whose cult was celebrated right at the Vatican Hill), Innana and Tammuz, and of course Horus, Izanami, Mithras, Persephone, Quetzalcoatl, Odin, and Dionysus to name a few.

While looking for your eggs (or hiding them), and munching on chocolate (dark I hope) bunnies, take a moment to think of what has died in your life that might need to resurrect. Maybe a practice you abandoned, a diet that worked well for you? Maybe a friendship that was sacrificed or a talent, a gift that was crucified on the cross of I-don’t-have-time-for-this? A resurrection now can bring a great deal of life and health into your life.

The principles of validity and reliability are the cornerstone of scientific research. I am not claiming that mythology or religious celebrations are scientific. However, the concept of reliability, that results repeat themselves in different places and different times, does apply to this weekend’s celebrations. Again and again we see the same results, the same conclusions the ancient ones discovered. The principles of resurrection, rising from the dead, liberation, new life, fertility, nature and spring are inherently repeatable. Use the next few days to inject new life into your existence. Wear, drink, think, and be green. 

I wish you a wonderful weekend and a full moon and may you sow the seeds of love, health, creation and prosperity.

love from New York, gahl

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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