As we know, 2020 is the year of The Great Transformation Made Real. Every day, frequently every hour, change is happening in front of us, in the depths of our DNA and for the whole awareness of our species. 26,000 years of Mankind is being born into 26,000 years of Humanity. The pandemic, which we are physically dealing with, is just the tip of the iceberg. It gives us something to focus on and learn from in our three dimensional world, while the heavier and deeper energetic, vibrational, and cellular work happens around us.

Some of us perceive this depth, but most of us can only see how Covid-19—and it’s cascade effect on our lives—changes how things used to be. If the point of this year is to get everyone to wake up and alter patterns that are outdated and destructive, to shift into something for the good of all not just the good of me, we need to learn how to accept this journey no matter how hard, forced or negative it seems. It isn’t negative at all, we just don’t like that we can’t control it.

First know that the Earth is in charge here. While we are getting a massive amount of assistance from the angelic realm throughout this transformation, everyone and everything is now taking their cue from the Earth. She had her 26,000-year-long “birthday” on December 21, 2012 and transformed herself into a higher, more knowledgeable and complete being by lifting her vibration. That left mankind in the dust. We have to vibrate at the same level as the Earth or we get sick, die, have mental illness, are driven to addiction or suicide, or just become husks of ourselves only holding onto life because we don’t know any other way.

While the Earth is giving us this chance to raise our vibrations to match hers, she is teaching us by example now, not care-taking us as she has in the past. Each of us is on our own in finding how to raise our vibrations and harmonize with the Earth. That’s our job. It might seem we didn’t get any instructions to tell us how to do that, but all we need to do is to learn how to tap into her vibrations. When we accomplish that, we automatically harmonize with her. This can seem like a foreign concept because we have no Piscean Age logical lines-and-squares manual for it. But, really, it’s very simple. The Earth is our manual, combining left and right hemispheres of the brain in a way we are just coming to understand.

This year is the extreme lesson to achieve balance within and without. But since we aren’t in control of anything or anyone outside of ourselves (even though many are still living in that “power-over” mentality), trying to force “balance-without” in the world or over others doesn’t work if they’re not ready for it. Focus instead on achieving “balance-within”. Anytime we connect with the Earth and match our vibration to hers, we automatically become balanced.

And there are several ways we can connect with the Earth. Spending quiet time in Nature always works. However, to really match our vibes with the Earth, we need to do that alone, with no one else around—we’re always affected by someone’s presence even if we are very close to them. Taking a walk with a loved one in Nature only gets us part of the way there. We need to spend at least 30 minutes alone in some level of Nature for us to match the vibrations of the Earth. And while doing that, let the Piscean Age monkey-mind shut down, don’t force it. Relax into it the peace and harmonization happens naturally.

Drumming also connects us with the Earth. This can be done singly or in groups (it works in groups because everyone harmonizes with the vibration of the drum instead of each other, becoming One). Start by either doing a ritualistic single-stroke beat (equal duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duhs) or try to replicate your heartbeat. Do this for at least fifteen minutes at a time. I frequently mention drumming as good for stress and clarity and good health because the basis of it is that it lifts our vibrations to match the healing vibrations of the Earth whether or not that is our intention.

Here is a meditation that is extremely effective in getting us in harmony with the vibrations of the Earth. This is on my website, but in case you haven’t seen it, here it is again:

Connecting with the Earth Meditation

Seated with your back straight and supported and feet flat on the floor, take several deep cleansing breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Let your concentration on your breath put you in a relaxed state.

Turn your attention to your inner self, the core of who you are, and feel that with all your senses. This can be perceived as your Chi or Qi energy two inches below your belly button and two inches inside. Or your 2nd chakra, your creative chakra which glows orange. Or you Solar Plexus chakra which glows yellow. Concentrate with all your senses on what that core looks, sounds, smells, tastes and feels like, both emotionally and physically.

With that core as the lead, allow yourself to sink into the Earth from where you’re sitting. Go straight down. Do this slowly to experience all the sensations. Feel moving through the floor and any structures below you into the cement (if there is any) into the ground below. Experience the denseness of the packed dirt with stones, water, roots or whatever comes. Check how all your senses are reacting (what do you see, what do you hear, what do you smell, what do you taste, what do you feel physically and emotionally feel?).

Then let yourself sink deeper. Experience moving down through underground water and/or pockets of oil and crystals. Take the time to absorb each level. Feel the cold as you move further from the surface.

Keep going deeper and deeper, experiencing whatever you come across in detail, until you feel the heat from the core of the planet bringing warmth back to you from below. When you are comfortably warm, stop your descent and sit in the moment. Then send out your consciousness to connect with the consciousness of the planet. Allow time for the connection to be made.

Once you feel it, ask Mother Earth to greet you with her inner power, with her perfect energy that holds us all together. Expand your molecules so you are much bigger than your body and reach out to touch as much of the Mother Earth as you can. As you reach out, she reaches out to you with her gold light. Feel it with all your senses and absorb it into yourself, into every molecule, into your entire body.

Check all your senses to see how they are reacting and what they are experiencing as you and the Earth become part of each other. Communicate with the intelligence that is Mother Earth. Ask questions, wait for the answers, without expectations on how or when the answers come. Ask anything, including “How can I better communicate or feel you?” Be aware some answers may consciously come to you after you’ve finished the meditation.

When you are done, slowly pull your molecules back into your spiritual body. Feel them become one with you again, more energized, more connected than they were when you sent them out.

Thank the Mother Earth and release your intimate connection. Start your journey up to your physical body, again being aware of all your senses and what they pick up as you rise. Take your time. Use your new awareness of the Earth to perceive each layer with more clarity.

Come back up through any physical structure and ease back into your physical body. Take several deep cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take your time coming into physicality. Move your toes, then your feet, then your legs, hips, torso, shoulders, one part of your body at a time. Lastly, shake your arms vigorously then roll your head on your shoulders.

Before you open your eyes, tell yourself that you easily retain the contact, feeling and understanding of the Earth’s gold light, the Spiritual Plasma, and can call on it whenever you need it. Feel the roots of your core still and always connected in some way to the core of the Mother Earth.

Thank her with love and gratitude and open your eyes.

Anything we do—Nature walks, drumming, meditating—harmonizes our vibrations for at least a couple of hours after a single session when we first start. But the balance can also last days or even weeks with frequent practice. Repeated sessions are necessary to keep ourselves in the harmony this year because the Earth is leveling up regularly.

This year, we work on ourselves. In our physical world, we’re doing that by keeping safe and staying sane and discovering different ways to function and communicate with others. But please remember to communicate with self. In our energetic world, we are naturally and automatically shifting to match the Earth. But we can have that thrown off—no matter how in-tune we are—because we’re dealing with the energy of those around us who are not even trying to get or stay in balance and harmony. Anything we do to actively participate in this journey within ourselves makes the entire process, this entire year’s incredible journey, easier and more fulfilling. And it means we’ll be ready to be the Aquarian Age leaders coming out of the starting gate at the end of this year.

Working on self is part of an Aquarian Age grass roots movement. Structures and organizations that exist now are not going to bring that knowledge to the world. It takes each one of us standing in our own power-within in harmony with the Earth to make the change. As this year progresses, we will meet others of like vibration and bond with them, then with others, bonding with them, until there is an entire grid of Earth-vibrating souls becoming the tidal wave that inundates and drowns the Piscean Age completely.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


P.S. I’m still offering Discount Thursdays until we don’t need them anymore. In case you didn’t get the post, all prices on Thursdays are discounted until further notice:

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It seems obvious, but FYI, I am only doing phone readings at this time. I will reassess seeing people in person at the end of May. But as I feel more widespread infection and chaos will reign over the summer, I’ll have to see on a month-by-month basis.

Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!

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