Solar Eclipse on May 9, 2013 5/8/2013


From everything I’ve heard and observed over the last two weeks, the releasing energy that hit on the April 25th Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has continued and, for some, gotten more intense. If it hasn’t been felt personally, it has been experienced as reaction to those who are fighting the changes confronting them by making sure their discomfort is felt by all.

And here comes the Solar Eclipse on the New Taurus Moon on Thursday, May 9th which is going to be even more powerful and transformational. That doesn’t mean it’s bad…it’s all in the way we look at it.

Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide says:

“This Solar Eclipse is expected to be more powerful than the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 because its influence also extends to global leaders, nobility and heads of state. In general, the Taurus New Moon focuses Sun/Moon energy on the natural environment and on finding new ways to be secure. But because Saturn is involved and because this new Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, this is an indication that deep-seated fears about economic security are on the rise all over the world.”

Note that it said “deep-seated fears…are on the rise” not that there is an actual threat to our economic security.

Fear is something to be very aware of as it is pervasive right now. With the transformation of concepts from Piscean to Aquarian (from power-over to power-within), many are feeling as if the rug (i.e. our basic, established place in the world) is being pulled out from under us. Those who have based their existence on the power-over, entitled, self-righteousness of the last 2,000 years are now feeling lost and don’t know why. That logically translates to fear.

Something to remember about where we are in our evolution and fear: our ability to manifest is so much stronger than it ever was, and getting stronger every day. That means we can consciously create and call to us the full rewards of this evolutionary change. But it also means that if we concentrate on fear, we help manifest fear and the reason for it.

With people so out of balance with not only themselves but the rhythm of the planet, fear is a constant companion because we have no idea how things are really going. We’ve never encountered this energetic change, even in past lives. Keeping fear in perspective and, at least, knowing why we’re feeling it, are imperative to riding out this wave of change.

Cynthia Novak’s Daily Planetary Guide offers a different focus regarding the New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

“It seems we have to notice where we are alone before we notice the folks around us. This is an introspective and moody day (May 9th), but one geared to help us turn towards others because we notice that our thoughts are the obstacle to letting others in.”

Have you noticed how self-involved people are: in conversation, on the road, in the work place? It’s as if no one else is around, or if others are acknowledged, they’re completely unimportant. Most of the time this behavior reveals who is refusing to get their own lessons but now it’s not just an ego thing, it’s the only way a lot of people are coping with the great release we just experienced and the great new beginning coming with this New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

Please be patient with people in their self-involvement. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, they’re doing the best they can. Think of a five year old suddenly being thrust into a Master Class. That’s pretty close to what’s going on and how confused, overwhelmed and lost a lot of people are as this transformational energy kicks into high gear.

This self-involvement time can be seen as not just a coping mechanism to deal with changes all around us but a way of going deep inside to know ourselves better and recognize and use our rising vibrations to manifest like crazy.

If you made a list or wrote about what to call in for a new beginning, Thursday evening is the time to burn it and release this new reality into the aether. If you didn’t write anything, take some quiet time on Thursday evening to concentrate on calling to yourself what you deserve. Use all your senses to make it as real as possible and then release it into the aether for it to become manifest.

It’s a new beginning for all, even if too many are refusing to accept it because they can’t control it. In the last 2,000 years, very specifically the last 200 years of the Industrial Age, doing more, working stronger, longer and harder, being more aggressive and pushing and demanding to get what you want worked wonders. It built this country and created amazing things.

But that energy is no longer the way to get things done. Instead, it’s about finding the vibration and rhythm that puts us in a place of perfect peace and connectivity, then letting that energy and our gut instinct lead us to our new beginning. We still need to be clear on what we want to accomplish and have in our lives, but let clarity find a way to bring it to us in ways we can’t possibly conceive.

Trust that our Guides, Angels and Ancestors are working on our behalf and will find a way which, more than likely, will have nothing to do with our logic or the limited way we “know” something will happen. We see 90 degrees of the world; our Guides, Angels and Ancestors see the whole 360. Trust them, they know what they’re doing.

The Findhorn Foundation offered this wisdom from Eileen Caddy in their April 26th missive. I find it beautifully simple and extremely helpful in these times.

“Think Light, be Light, absorb Light and you will become Light. Do this consciously, take time and become aware of what you are doing, meditate on it many times during each day. See Light radiating out from you, see your whole body lose its dense form and become transparent and filled with Light, feel yourself able to walk on air in a weightless state. Do all this consciously, dwell on it, concentrate on it, visualize it.

“Close your eyes and with the eyes of the Spirit see yourself as a Being of Light. See yourself able to project yourself wherever you will. See that distance and time are as nothing, that you are not limited in any way whatsoever. Feel the freedom of the Spirit. You will begin to understand the meaning of Life Eternal, that there is no death, that Life, that Light is from everlasting to everlasting, it cannot be destroyed.”

Right now, with all the fear and change that is happening around us on so many levels, this little meditation that can take mere minutes at any time of the day makes a huge difference. The more you do this, the more you know you’re in an arc of existence that is far more sweeping and inclusive than just what we experience day to day.

And if nothing else, know that once this New Moon/Solar Eclipse hits and moves on, we should all be in a better, easier place. It is, after all, our first Solar Eclipse in the Aquarian Age – a new beginning in a New Age.

With love and gratitude…

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