…and things seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket, both for our world and in our individual lives. There is chaos, regime change and war in Afghanistan; earthquake, hurricane aftermath and gangs taking control in Haiti; climate change bringing high temperatures, fires and more hurricanes; and Covid variants running rampantly unchecked. It’s not just the physical things that are happening. It’s the undercurrent of vibrational change that is only getting stronger.

It does get better in September when the strength of karmic-catch-up August and the Hungry Ghosts Month are over (the latter on the New Moon on September 6). But be aware the energy of August this crux year is especially potent so we may not feel relief from its oppressiveness until the release of the Full Moon on September 20, just before the Autumnal Equinox on September 22 that helps balance everything out.

While I had seen the possibility of the August energy feeding into another insurgency in the United States, the energy of August was put to better use elsewhere. That’s how it happens. The energy of karmic change builds until it is drawn to where it’s needed most. And this time instead of redirecting and refining change in the United States, it was needed more in Afghanistan. (Haiti disasters and continuing climate change are part of a different picture with Covid variants part of another, all riding on the August energy but not because of it.)

And, as with everything these days, there is a much bigger picture why American withdrawal in Afghanistan is so chaotic and destructive.

There are two points of zero magnetic energy on the planet: one is Los Angeles, one is the Middle East. The one in Los Angeles introduces new vibrations as part of the Earth’s crown chakra that is just opening up. Like a volcanic eruption that spews ash which then gets carried around the world, LA spews energetic change that travels east until it encircles the Earth with transformation.

This is how the vibrational and energetic change of the old Renaissance Age brought awakening by way of the uplifting vibration of the music that was played in Europe: the energy headed east and circled the globe over and over until people were lifted into a new awareness. We’re doing the same thing right now in a new Renaissance Age but it takes a while for that vibration to shift everyone. And right now, many are actively fighting it which mires everyone down temporarily.

As the zero point of magnetic energy in Los Angeles brings change, the one in the Middle East is its opposite and stops change from happening. That’s neither good nor bad, it just is. We need an anchor while things change in the world but unfortunately, that anchor has fed upon itself over time and become stuck for stuck’s sake. So we have this upheaval in Afghanistan that is doing more than making the country redefine itself with a supremely Great Negative Lesson for the good of all.

The Taliban surging in and taking over is the last and worst wave of the desperate Piscean Age all-male power-over leftovers. They don’t feel they’re desperate. They’re more into conquest and righteous vengeance against the west. But the country is not peacefully going back under the old ways of power-over control through fear. There is an equally intense surge of the Afghan people protesting and fighting back which will go on for a while because they’re not just fighting for their own country, they’re unconsciously fighting to loosen the stuckness of the zero-point magnetic energy in the area.

They’re re-balancing the entire area with this conflict. And even though it might take a while (but then again, it might not), the Aquarian Age concept of equality and humanity will win and return the Middle East to a much more balanced state in their own way of living and thinking (agreeing with the west is not part of this concept change – equality is, however that becomes defined within their basic, not necessarily religious, beliefs).

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of bloodshed but know this is a vital redefining of so much more than just one country. All the violence and oppression and injustice is the fuel for change.

And just a quick fyi, since I started following rustamwahab_ and afghanaidhq on Instagram, I’ve gotten a lot more information about what’s happening on the ground than what is being reported in the news.


August traditionally has been the month where more planets retrograde together than at any other time of the year, which adds to the intensity of the month. Right now, we have five out of eight planets in retrograde, all of them outer planets (beyond the asteroid belt) which means the challenges and lessons are on a bigger, deeper scale, not quite so in-our-faces as when Mercury, Venus or Mars retrograde. But before their block starts breaking up at the end of the first week of October, Mercury will join them from September 26 through October 18. That should add some completely different chaos after we just start to settle down.

As we know, how a planet influences us becomes the opposite when it’s retrograde. All retrogrades make us go inside ourselves and reexamine who we are, how we got to where we are, what to reassess, release, and redefine where we go from there. As this retrograde season follows the intensity of the year, know that all of these retrogrades together are working on us getting the bigger picture of Piscean/Aquarian Age change, with no mercy.

Here is a list of the planets in retrograde, not in order of when their retrograde started, but in order of their position in our solar system from closest to farthest to us:

Jupiter (from June 20 through October 17) – In retrograde, Jupiter makes us reassess our ethical and moral values, our success and how we gain our success. That means who we were taught to be in the Piscean Age and the old concepts around success (the bigger, harder, stronger, faster push at self and everyone’s expense) are being replaced with the “go with the flow” energy, whether or not we are comfortable with that yet.

Right now, when we need to have something go right for us, especially in the areas of what we believe in and what we do for a living, both will be challenged. This can mean difficulty in career/job even to the point of getting fired or quitting, or losing faith in someone who has been a bright, leading light in our lives.

Please note that none of the revelations Jupiter gives us are bad. It can just feel bad if we, for example, get fired because it’s seen as a Piscean Age failure when it’s really about getting free from a situation that we didn’t want but didn’t know how to get out of. The same goes for losing faith in someone. Everyone is being challenged now and not everyone passes their test. Disappointment in someone else can be severe unless we see the bigger picture that we are in a pressure cooker that is re-forming everyone. Anyone who’s been in an emergency situation, such as in an earthquake, knows we find out a lot about how people react, sometimes showing us a part of themselves we never thought possible. But we’re all on a different learning curve, so our lessons here are to understand that without judgment.

Saturn (May 23 through October 10) – Saturn rules time, karma, discipline and responsibility. Since 2020, we’ve been getting used to time being more fluid than it’s ever been (i.e., out of our control) and when Saturn is retrograde, it’ll seem like we’ve been thrown into a slip-stream without any touchstone to give us a time frame. Our karma will bring up past experiences (including past life experiences) for us to revisit with clearer understanding of why things have happened to us and what they now mean when we can look at it with different understanding. Please avoid standing in victimhood.

Restrictions give us the opportunity to see our responsibilities not as being denied our rightful future but as a fence that gives direction while keeping damaging things out. It’s all in the way we look at it. We will feel a lack of discipline within ourselves as if we’ve already taken too much so we deserve a break, but Saturn retrograde won’t let us slack off. We’ve had and will continue to have plenty of time to face how we perceive what seems like unfair discipline through different eyes if we take advantage of this time and not let it rule us.

Watch out also for bosses and Piscean Age father figures really losing themselves in ego right now. So keep your head down without feeling how unfair everything is. Don’t worry, it comes back on them. Everyone is learning a lesson, even if the pay off of the lesson comes later.

Uranus (August 19 through January 18/ 2022) – Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and hence the bigger picture of the Aquarian Age, so it’s no mistake that the Planet of Revolution, which also rules rebellion, dictators and all autonomous endeavors, is in full retrograde glory in this time. Our growing Aquarian Age humanitarianism will be challenged with erratic and crazy behavior by some who seem to have lost it and stand cloaked in extreme ego.

Also be aware that Uranus deals with earthquakes, so even though the Haiti 7.2 earthquake happened on Tuesday, August 12 and Uranus didn’t retrograde until Thursday, August 19, its energy had a hand in this release of energy.

Uranus is considered the first of the transcendental planets so with it retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to reexamine our personal awakening, how we’re understanding it and how we’re adopting it into our lives.

Neptune (June 25 through December 1) – Expect to have little focus throughout Neptune retrograde. As Neptune rules illusion and dreams, which for many can be an escape from the harsh reality of our times, it being retrograde makes it harder to stay in those illusions and dreams, i.e., harder to deal with our current reality. Meditation and heightened awareness take a hit so we can feel like we’ve lost touch with who we are. Keep faith in self without having to prove self-awareness everyday.

The feeling of being lost is actually a blessing, re-calibrating us to the new vibration, even though it just feels like we’ve lost control. We have, so we’re being taught, again, to trust and go with the flow. With that being said, we can have some incredibly powerful dreams and visions which can make us question ourselves. It will be easy to attach oneself to deceptions as it seems an easy (but untruthful) relief. Also, it’s easy to relapse into addictions at this time, so take steps to ensure there’s a lot of non-judgmental support if we need it.

Pluto (April 27 through October 6) – Pluto rules destruction, transformation, obsession and (surprise!) viruses, so guess what we’re facing while it finishes its retrograde? Covid variants are not going away anytime soon, even after Pluto goes direct. But as Pluto usually forces old energy out of the way to bring in new energy, with it retrograde, we are stuck in feeling change that isn’t seeming to manifest itself, which can make us feel enlightened and stupid at the same time.

Pluto creates as it destroys but right now, we can’t see how that helps anything. Just remember, we are again running the gauntlet of transformation in a way we haven’t before, so everything can seem unreal and uncomfortable. Let Pluto retrograde take us inside ourselves to reassess our personal transformation without judgment of how that should be happening and the length of time it usually has taken before. There is no “usual” anymore.

Pluto also rules terrorism and dictatorships and focuses on mass-awareness rather than individual awareness. The lessons it teaches us now with the upheaval in Afghanistan change the world.


In the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, there is a moment when Indy must take a leap of faith to save his father’s life. He stands at the edge of an abyss and must make it across it to a cave on the other side without knowing how he’s going to get there. So against all odds, logic and reason, he takes the step expecting to fall to his death and finds there is a stone bridge that is camouflaged to match the depth of the abyss. And it takes him right across to the cave.

We are standing at the Aquarian Age abyss right now while everything is changing under and around us in huge, seemingly destructive ways. Everything is in a state of flux: from the macrocosmic state of the world to our individual microcosmic adapting to it and everything in between. The only way forward is to take that leap of faith even when we have no idea where that will take us.

There is no way out of where we are, but there is a way through. Trust that there are higher vibrations and energies in play that are taking care of us, many times in ways we can’t see or don’t like. But nothing is ever clear until we participate, i.e., take that leap of faith, don’t just get stuck in worry because we’re confused how to handle things. Let go of what was expected in the past. The whole concept of the Aquarian Age is a different mindset with different sensibilities. It gives us new ways of looking at things and “cleans the palate”, so to speak.

We are in momentous times. Knowing how big they are, how much change is happening right under our feet, and keeping perspective on the depth and breadth of the times we’re in makes more sense than sticking in wanting things to go back to normal. There is no more normal based in Piscean Age sensibilities. Trying to hold onto that only makes us crazy. Adapt to the new normal and everything becomes so much easier.

Adapting doesn’t necessarily make the monumental changes that are happening go away, but in learning how to deal with them with a view of the bigger picture removes blame, self-judgment, resentment and anger.

This is hard. No question. Pretending it’s not, demanding it be easier doesn’t stop it from being hard. So accept and adapt and ride the wave of change. It might not feel comfortable at the moment, but there is so much bigger-picture stuff happening now, how can we expect it to be easy.

Find out who we are in this New Age by letting the retrogrades teach us, seeing with different eyes, hearing with different ears and feeling with different parts of who we are. We are becoming energetic beings in harmony with all life. Focus on that and see that everything happening around us is helping break patterns that no longer serve, giving us the ability to see where we’re going.

In case you missed this on Instagram, thought I’d repost a little uplift.  The following story is by Andy Stanley.
“Sometimes I just want it to stop.  Talk of COVID, looting, brutality.  I lose my way.  I become convinced that this “new normal” is real life.  Then I meet an 87-year-old who talks of living through polio, diphtheria, Vietnam protests and yet it still enchanted with life.
He seemed surprised when I said that 2020 must be especially challenging for him. “No,” he said slowly, looking me straight in the eyes.  “I learned a long time ago to not see the world through the printed headlines, I see the world through the people that surround me.  I see the world with the realization that we love big.  Therefore, I just choose to write my own headlines:  “Husband loves wife today.”  “Family drops everything to come to Grandma’s bedside.”  He patted my hand.  “Old man makes new friend.” 
His words collide with my worries, freeing them from the tether I had been holding tight.  They float away.  I am left with a renewed spirit and a new way to write my own headlines.”

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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  • Dear Laurie
    I so look forward to your insights, musings, and the astrological information you so generously provide.
    What with Climate Change, the Lack of Vision in our Political Leaders that speak to a lack of Wisdom, the Polarization that spills over into violence and hate and of course the Pandemic that has pounded the Earth that woke up the pain and fear in the many it is so easy to fall prey to fear, anxiety and angst.
    It is a heavy price to try to cling to the ‘old ways’ of perception … your insights inspire me to find a ‘New Way’ to perceive myself and ‘The World’. As the form is crumbling … I look to a new way to function … to find a sense of balance and harmony … much like a giant puzzle in which the pieces no longer fit together. Navigating my reality at this timing is indeed a conundrum … rather than rely on ‘the form’ … I look to ‘the function’ of what I want in my reality and in ‘The World’. Perhaps … just perhaps … this destruction is clearing the way for a new Reality Creation that speaks to a World Becoming New … At the core it is all ‘A Mystery’.
    Thank you,

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