Did you feel the shift on Thursday, July 1 that continued into the weekend? The energy leapt into hyper-speed and left a lot of people in the dust. While I felt it as it swept through, I got additional confirmation of how intense it was over the following twenty-four hours when I received seven emergency calls for psychic help…four of them within ten minutes of each other on Thursday involving huge changes. Three of the seven were about sudden, unexpected deaths, two were health scares and two were sudden major life changes.

What I feel happened is that a vibrational door slammed shut. We’ve known it was closing for a while (at least the last six months and probably longer) but just couldn’t get ourselves completely through it on our own. We might have walked through it into the New Age energy, but just weren’t ready to close everything that made us who we’ve become, even if there were things to release that didn’t fit us anymore.

That slam concluded a lot of things that have been holding us back. It forced an end to procrastination and forced us to step forward into energy that has been leading us for the last year but we haven’t gotten into it completely for one reason or another (mainly because we’re used to not having to deal with something unless it’s in our faces). And this “in our faces” energy gave us another forced change…to be in the now and look to the future with calm acceptance instead of fear and the old-time ineffectual effort of trying to control what was coming.

One client had decisions made for her because her circumstances ended several vampire-like relationships and helped her see sticking with something because it was familiar wasn’t the right move anymore. When the emergency happened for her involving the death of a beloved pet, listening to people around her who wanted to make it about them clarified that she couldn’t be there for them, and clarified where they were in her life that they couldn’t be there for her in such a trying time. And when her regular Vet turned her away (WTF?), it clarified what she had been wanting to do for a while, which is change Vets.

Neither of these were easy to face given the circumstances. But the death of her dog was also a release for the dog who had had health issues for a while. With the energy shifting, anyone—including animals—who just don’t have it in them anymore to adjust to the new vibration, let go in one way or another. The extremity and huge release of death isn’t the only way to let go. Some people have just stopped functioning, being overwhelmed by this shift without knowing why.

This doesn’t stop them from participating in the world around them, in working or continuing relationships, but there’s a light missing from inside them, a drive, a desire to participate that now has become “just get through it” without hope that it gets better in the end.

The Earth has given us time after time to get with the new Aquarian Age program. We’ve been given that opportunity basically since the 1960s with it revving up stronger and stronger since 2012 and hitting that brick wall last year. But we are stubborn beings, even those of us who feel the change and are adapting to it. This Sledgehammer Shift just freed us of stuff we didn’t know we were still hanging onto, or weren’t aware of because it didn’t seem connected to where we’re going.

So, as always with this year, go with the flow! Let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. The chaos upon us is the next step in order that we have yet to understand. Let Go, Let God/dess and trust! Changes that are forced on us never feel like they’re for our own good. But this Sledgehammer Shift isn’t just for our own good, it’s for the good of All Life and for the planet herself. We’re being forced into our inevitable humanity, like being given a crash course in studying for the BAR hours before we take the test. It helps us in the long run, but it sure feels impossibly hard in the moment.

If you’ve been hit with something, even if it’s just a feeling or high emotional reaction and not a physical event, try looking at it as the Earth solving our problems with tough love because she can’t wait anymore for us to get on board. It delineates where each of us is in our development, which also means a lot of people are clearly going to be easily recognized as being more lost than they’ve ever been.

We just stepped into some pretty tremendous high-level vibration, one that we’ve been looking forward to. If we were taking our time getting there, all this shift did was get us to leap the Grand Canyon instead of walking around the rim.

Breathe. Give yourself a break. Feel. Accept. Trust.

Be conscious of fear and the need to control (a reaction to fear), even small things. We’re being taken exactly where we need to be, so I again say, trust!

I offer this with love and gratitude…



  • Janet Demeter says:

    THANK YOU so much for this. I was really tuned in to the high, receiving messages and direction like never before and experienced some pretty powerful physical manifestation “signs” that there is NO TURNING BACK! Including some deaths that were meant to be. I feel VERY fortunate to have made it through the door so to speak…whew.

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective–really helps a lot. So easy to get overwhelmed! Stay in the Now.

  • Natalie Novack says:

    How do we know where we stand, even after self reflection and reading this? Already there? Or perhaps so lost even I am unable to see it? It’s not the latter if I am here typing this right now. So I think again, how do we know where we stand?
    Please help me awaken!

  • I’m in the process of losing one of our pets. I’m trying to find the reason for it because he’s so young, and have come up with nothing. Trust is so difficult right now, especially going through this.

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