Goodbye the year that was August! Hello the year that is September! Although the August energy of Karmic Catch-up/Hungry Ghosts Month leaks into the first week of September (the final week of our reassessing and rebirthing ourselves in the New Age), we now come into a new challenge. But what did we expect from 2020, the year that keeps on giving, even after it’s over?

SIDEBAR: We might not feel we did our reassessing and rebirthing enough because we don’t have time to revel in the feeling of accomplishment when we’re immediately faced with other challenges. But know we did. Even if people don’t want to admit it or start adapting to their new awareness, we learned deep lessons. One of my favorite sayings that represents the Piscean Age mentality of bigger-harder-stronger-faster is “So you won the Academy Award yesterday. What did you do today?” We’re in that energy that one accomplishment which would normally having us jumping for joy in revelation has to be put on a shelf so we can face the next. The work we’ve done on ourselves will catch up to us near the end of the year, so don’t despair.

For the next two months, we’re going to focus on something other than ourselves. Now we’re into our crunch time of shifting the consciousness of the male energy from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age by having the epitome of Piscean Age entitlement, male ego and overlord actions take a front seat (radical aggressiveness and self-righteousness), while dealing with the karma of our humanity. The Piscean Age male ego doesn’t have a chance of surviving in its desired way, but it sure will take as many people down with it as it can.

Beware: The screaming and desperation of these stuck people are not representing the majority, but it sounds like they do because their screaming and desperation is so loud, primal and raw, and in so much fear. Their fear can be catching. But if we’re aware of it for what it is—the last dying gasp of the Piscean Age—we can keep our heads and weather this as we’ve been weathering the rest of 2020.

Think of the next few months as Finals Week: once we get through one final exam, we’re on to the next. The School of 2020 isn’t over yet, although we’re getting close. Preparing for scholastic crunch time is usually overwhelming, especially if we’re studying for a Masters Degree in the Aquarian Age (which we are). That means the finals we’re coming up to get tougher and tougher. The end of this year can be completely overwhelming, only if we let it. We do have a choice.

The time we’re living in didn’t need to be as hard as it is. We all have had choices of getting “woke” as far back as the late 1800s. But because of our fear of change and loss of power, and the choice of many young souls to not do the work they agreed to until they were forced to, their chaos is becoming infectious. They’re holding on to using old Piscean Age logic to deny what’s happening because they don’t know how to deal with it and that makes it harder on those who are going with the flow.

But going with the flow is the answer, even if it seems like we’re in a current with a constant undertow while going down miles of heavy rapids. Stick with the knowledge that the changes we need that we haven’t been able to completely manifest because of young-soul fear are being handled by Higher Power. So, Let Go, Let God/dess/Creator. We are in good hands.

And be aware that what we put out is what we get back. If we put out chaos because we’re too afraid to face ourselves, we get chaos back. If we put out trust and hope, we get those back, too. It’s harder to stand in that trust and hope, but as the lessons are hard for those who are stuck, they’re equally hard for those who are not, for different reasons. Is it any harder for a child to learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle than it is for a parent to let them find their way knowing they could be hurt in the process? Different perspectives of difficulty, but real to both.

We’re also getting exhausted and numb at the number of extremes happening one after the other. Not only are we dealing with political unrest, centuries of racial injustice coming to the forefront, the pandemic and a world of crazy (physically and energetically), we’ve also got natural disasters like fire and hurricane tipping us over the scales of empathy. We can only take so much.

But think of it this way: As we are dealing with our own personal karma this year, which we can’t put off, avoid or get around, we are also dealing with the karma of the big we of Humanity, which we also can’t put off, avoid or get around. What we’ve done in our past as Mankind in disrupting other nations for our own greed, displacing peoples for our own need and abusing the Earth because we could, is coming back to us this year as our karma catches up. It doesn’t matter if in this life we never hurt a single soul or killed an animal or abused the Earth, we are paying off collective karma for damage our ancestors did.

Take responsibility for it, because we chose to come back now to be able to handle this, steering Mankind into Humankind in a conscious way. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it.

In case you missed it, here is Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson’s post from last week about September and October. As always, I learned something and his words gave me insight and hope. Here is what he wrote:

Navigating the Next Two Months

The world is moving faster now, days pass as if they were hours, and hours pretend to be minutes. As we get closer to the Grand Conjunction in Aquarius, on the winter solstice of 2020, we can expect a great deal of change and turmoil with September and October leading the race of challenges and upheaval. Every new era is baptized with blood and on December 21, 2020, a grand gateway will stand in front of us, besieging us to make the leap of faith and open it. In February 10-12, 2021 (Chinese New Year), we will have 7 heavenly bodies in Aquarius: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas Athena. This has not happened for at least 4000 years.

September and October are tough months because of Mars retrograding in Aries and Mercury retro in Libra. The two retrogrades overlap October 13-November 3. Aries is opposite sign of Libra and so the planets are retrograding in opposition. Therefore, the key word for September and October: Opposition, and since it is happening between Aries and Libra, the axis of “I versus Thou,” we can expect a great deal of issues in relationships between people, countries, ideologies.

The problem with having oppositions during retro is that we might actually agree in principle but because of the retrograde we misunderstand each other. In addition, Mars in Aries tends to be aggressive and impatient, causing small disagreements to become full fledged wars. You can start seeing it all over the world. Strong men in power are feeling their grip slipping and they resort to poisoning, cheating, lying, fear-mongering, and spreading misinformation etc. And this is all happening before the retrogrades are official. From July 25, right when the Dogs Days of Sirius started, Mars went into what is called his pre-retrograde shadow. This is a period that can give us a diluted version of what Mars retrograde is planning for us between September 10 – November 14. This is also the time we witnessed the tragic explosion in Beirut and the demonstrations in Belarus, Thailand, Israel, Siberia etc.

What is the Shadow:
The shadow of a retrograde planet is the area in the zodiac where the planet will be retrograding once the reverse motion begins. Let’s imagine I am a planet and I am walking forward to the coffee shop. I am crossing the street but when I get to the other side, I realized I forgot my facemask (based on a true story). So, I have to retrograde back to my car and grab it. The first time I crossed the street is the shadow of my return to grab the mask. Even though I walked there unaware of not having the face mask, I was walking forward on the same path I will have to walk backward in a minute. Since Mars will be retrograding between September 10 to November 14, he will be covering the second half of Aries (28 degrees Aries to 15 degrees Aries). Mars will be going backward over the Sun of people born between April 3 – April 18. It won’t be a bad idea to look back at your calendar and see what happened between those days this year. Maybe the root of the issues in September and October can be found in the first past of April.

The pre-retrograde shadow of Mercury will be from September 23 – October 13. As you can see we will have a long overlap of shadows, retros, and stationary leading to the most important U.S. election in modern history. To make it even more dramatic, NASA reported an asteroid the size of 6.5 feet (social distance marker) has 0.41% chances of colliding with earth on the eve of the U.S. election. Traditionally, asteroid bring down the ruling class or whoever is in power. If you don’t believe me ask the dinosaurs and time travel 65 million years back.

Lilith Mars Conjunction
Another event that is happening in September, a day before Mercury Shadow falls upon us, is the black-moon Lilith conjunction with Mars (September 22). They already were in conjunction on August 9, during the Beirut explosion and a day after the Belarus “election.” Aries is the sign of identity and the need to be heard. The key word for Aries is “I AM.” All around the world people are craving to have their voice heard. One of the most powerful meditations in Kabbalah is to chant of the word Hineni, which means “Here I am.” In Genesis 22:1 God calls upon Abraham, and Abraham answered “Hineni, here I am!” The idea is that God, Oneness, is everywhere and everyone, and that God wants to be expressed through each vessel, what is called in Kabbalah, Keli. Once we assume our true identity, we can then let it go. Remember that the cycles of Chiron in Aries, every 50 year, always was associated with more voting rights in the U.S. history. I have a feeling it will be the same in 2020 with record voting participation.

This trend we see all over the world. People are trying to understand who they are. For a while, especially after the Spring of Nations in the middle of the 19th century, our identity was attached to our nation. After globalization and the internet, those lines blurred and a new form of identity was needed. Some chose to go back and try to hold on to their nation identity by demonizing immigrants. Others, like in Poland or Chechnya chose to look into sexual identity as a uniting as well as segregating force. While in places like India and Israel, religion is used. The Lilith Mars conjunction is also bringing about the worst in us and also makes us see the worst in our enemies. Again, this will continue throughout September and October.

The people of Belarus had enough of their dictator and took to the street after Alexander Lukashenko declared his victory in the election, claiming he got 80% of the votes in the country. I guess people started looking around and asking who were those 8 out of 10 voters who elected him and soon concluded someone is lying. Alexander Lukashenko had been president of Belarus since 1994. That means that he is now entering the 27 club and the Saturn Return of his presidency. In addition, Belarus herself is now at the peak of her Saturn Return since her birthday was 25 of August 1991.

In June 5 and in December 30 this year, Belarus is going through the precise Saturn Return, a point of once in 29 1/2 years where a new identity is forged. A time of maturity, shaking off father figure issues (Saturn was the god who ate his own children just as Lukashenko tries to eat his country). The elections were held on August 9, the day that Mars in Aries (war and identity) was in perfect conjunct with black-moon Lilith which in other worlds means a bloody mess. This conjunction will also take place on September 22, while Mars is retrograde. As you can see, the elections themselves were conducted during the shadow of Mars.

If the demonstrators would have asked me what to do, then I would tell them to continue full force and make it until December 30 since the last Saturn Return will take place while Jupiter will also join the party in Aquarius, and he will give them the gifts they are awaiting for. Jupiter Grand conjunction with Saturn will take place December 21 and shifts the energy from Capricorn (strong-man leader) to Aquarius (people’s rule). But, I will also ask them to take heed on September 22 since there might be a breaking point there.

Tough Planets Going Direct
Another issue we are facing in September/October is Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter going direct again. Usually planets in direct motion are good for us all but not when these planets are the ones who came together at the onset of the pandemic. Jupiter will start his direct motion on September 14, followed by Saturn on September 30 and Pluto on October 4. You can expect the second wave to start when all these planets are marching forward. The good news is that projects that were stuck from spring could be released and flow better.

Some Good Dates?
There are a few light beams that are also taking place. The September 17 New Moon can help with a detox, with work, healing and fixing broken things (from relationships to cars to businesses). Also the Harvest Full Moon on September 2 can bring you good news about something you started on March-June.

I wish you a happy week and may the music of the spheres guide us all!…gahl

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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