Saturn moved into Scorpio for the next 26 months 10/15/2012

Saturn moved into Scorpio for the next 26 months

On Friday, October 5th, Saturn moved into Scorpio for the next 26 months (til December 23, 2014). Saturn represents what we take seriously; Scorpio represents transformation. Excerpts from Annie Bones’ Celestial Forecaster:

“In these days of swift transitions and changes, we are about to see a great deal more of permanent transformation and abrupt endings. These are dangerous times. Saturn in Scorpio is a reflection of the hardships we must face. Patience, skill, persistence and indefatigable management are required to support great feats of accomplishment. Saturn in Scorpio will teach us how to transform.

“It’s time to get in touch with what makes us passionate and how much we are willing to stand up and work for things that really matter to us in life. We do have a choice in how we will master the discipline of our passions. With love in our hearts, we can accomplish anything.”

And here’s an excerpt from an unknown Astrologer that was sent to me by a client about another event that’s affecting us strongly right now:

“The lunar cycle between September 29th and October 29th is an unusually powerful and important one. So powerful, in fact, that most signs will experience a deeply resonating truth. A lunar cycle this extreme has not been experienced for many years. Centuries, really.

“Over the next 28 days our own emotional reality will be cleverly mirrored back to us through sudden events, quick reversals and unusual encounters. The universe, in its wisdom, will reveal the cost of our own actions. Character, spiritual awareness, future limitations, mistaken illusions: all will become clear, unavoidable and relentless. And the fall out will last five years.

“For many of us this will involve finances, self-worth and private attitudes. ‘Emotional debts’ will become unavoidable. Soon most of us will understand that only generosity – both emotional and financial – can create success, only compassion guarantees abundance and, as for miserliness…well, that’s just a thief trying to look innocent. Sad, but true.

“Some will experience a complete reversal of fortunes, a suddenly disrupted relationship or a surprising change of lifestyle. Others will encounter remarkable spiritual breakthroughs. But all will begin to act and react far more authentically. The truth, unexpected as it may be, will no longer be easily hidden.”

What all this means on a day to day level is that we’re all getting hit with extreme change while we are already in an extreme state of change while we are physically shifting to become more sensitive. And it’s speeding up.

Obviously this is difficult and we’d like it to stop or ease up, but think of it as a cosmic detox. Once you choose to start detoxing your body, once you’ve taken the right stuff to cleanse it out, the detox takes over and you have to go with it.

Or think of it as giving birth…once those contractions start, you and your control are along for the ride and all you can do is adapt and deal the best way possible in the extremity of the situation.

We all chose to be here right now; respect that the difficulty we face is there to right what is out of balance and put us where you need to be even if we don’t like how we get there.

Not only are a lot of people already experiencing life-altering changes regarding jobs, money, health, and coming up against the brick walls of established systems like never before, a lot of people are feeling very raw right now.

As we transition physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally into our new selves in this New Age, we shed layers of past issues and obstacles like shedding an old dirty coat that weighs us down. When free of it, we bask in a higher level of awareness.

But these leaps into new awareness are happening so fast and so intensely that we don’t have time to build protection for ourselves against the equally quickly growing fear and negativity. We are raw and vulnerable during this time, especially during the month of October with the emotional release of this lunar cycle. This is dangerous because right now the many that are not making these leaps are lashing out in desperate retaliation because their stuck choices are catching up with them.

As some become more sensitive and vulnerable, others become more retaliatory and destructive. That’s a very difficult combination.

Please treat yourselves gently during this month. Everyone’s going to experience extreme emotional reactions to just about everything. Be aware when it’s happening to you so you can keep some perspective on it. Be aware when it’s happening to others so you don’t take it personally.

And be aware that part of this leap forward involves heightened senses, both physical and psychic. We will see, hear, smell, taste and feel everything – and be aware of things psychically – more clearly than ever before. It’s a wonderful gift that, right now with these heightened senses in the face of the “unenlightened”, may see more of a curse.

The over-sensitivity and hyper-emotionality of this month is temporary and transitory. Try to remember that even though, when it has you in its grip, it’s almost impossible to not lose yourself in the feeling.

We’re cosmically detoxing. We’re giving birth to a new version of ourselves. It’s a hard thing, but it’s a good thing. So try to stand in the gratitude, even being grateful for the difficulty brought to us from others’ “stuck-ness” because it teaches us what we need to learn about ourselves and gives us a path that we might not have found without it being forced on us.

Stay strong. We are remembering the fierceness and beauty of being Humanity. It’s all worth it.

With love and gratitude…

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