Original Newsletter Post – 7/22/19

Every year there is a time when a majority of planets retrograde in the same month, giving us a crash course in self-assessment. For the last several years, that month was August. That coincided with Feng Shui’s Hungry Ghosts Month, where the spirits of the dead walk the Earth to cause havoc – basically causing Karma to visit in a concentrated dose (which is why I call August the Karmic Catch-up Month).

While August will still be the Hungry Ghosts/Karmic Catch-up Month, we’re given a break in how the intensity of self-lessons hit us this year as it’s spread out over July and August. Two months instead of one! Yeah, right? Actually, it’s a good thing as we don’t have to face SUPER INTENSE SELF AWARENESS in one “Oh-My-God-Can-This-Be-Over-Now” month. Here’s what’s going on:

At the moment, there are five planets retrograde (out of eight – not including the Earth), with a sixth (Uranus) in its shadow period (retrograding on August 13), which means Uranus is still effecting us by preparing us for when it is officially retrograde. The comet Chiron, the Wounded Healer, has a huge lesson for us in this year of self-healing, so it’s included in the Retrograde Season even though it isn’t a planet.

While the considerably larger Outer Planets (those beyond the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) retrograde over months and months (not weeks like the Inner Planets), their impact on us is more under-the-surface rather than the Mercury retrograde right-in-our-face. So even though all the Outer Planets are retrograde right now (even before Uranus officially joins them), without the personal intensity of Mercury retrograde, we feel more uncomfortable than pulling-our-hair-out-chaotic.

Look what Mercury retrograde did to extend the brick-wall gender-awareness lessons of Mars and Venus last year. While those are both smaller Inner Planets which have that right-in-our-face energy, their lessons were turned up to eleven because Mercury added to their punch. Thankfully, both Mars and Venus stay direct all year. We need that breather.

We are over the hardest part of this combo of Mercury retrograde intensifying the other retrograde planets. There are only nine days left before it goes direct so know that the energy and the “push” of the hardest part of Retrograde Season starts to improve now and will continue to do so until we are clear of Mercury retrograde on August 1.

Here’s what Lynnette Duncan of #oracleofyoursoul says about the Retrograde Season, taking each retrograde in order of how it started this year:

Jupiter – April 11 through August 12

Spiritual introspection, reflection of growth and success

Pluto – April 25 through October 4

Reflection of power struggles. Eliminating habits and compulsions.

Saturn – May 1 through September 19

Developing patience. Perseverance. Making important decisions.

Neptune – June 22 through November 28

Strips away illusions. Confronts denial.

Mercury – July 8 through August 2 and November 1 through November 21

Relax. Reinvent. Repurpose. Release expectations.

Chiron – July 9 through December 14

Healing the self-image. Embracing skills as a Healer.

Uranus – August 13 through January 12 2020

Process of BIG internal changes. Higher self awareness.

Retrograde Season offers growth and integration opportunities to:












This Retrograde Season offers us a wealth of opportunities to heal, evolve and MASTER our spiritual relationship with SELF and SOURCE.

Chiron is the latest planet to retrograde on July 9 through December 14, this energy allows for deep healing of what are wounds of SELF IDENTITY, to allow us to FEEL at one with our gifts, talents and skills as healers and guides, to step into oneness with our eternal soul. To heal and integrate our shadow and trauma pain body so that a new expression can take place.

Jupiter turns direct on August 12 and during this retrograde we have been asked to re-focus on how we experience success, what that means to us and how that shows up in our lives…we have been re-evaluating what it is that makes us truly happy.

Saturn and Pluto went retrograde within a week of each other and will pull into direct motion within a two week period right around the Autumn Equinox!!!…these energies have been working in tandem to create a RE-set in our physical reality by allowing us to shed our dark night of the Soul and step into our mastery through Personal Responsibility as we RE-gain our innate identity with SOURCE. This passage has allowed a great elimination of subconscious patterns and ancestral trauma.

Neptune’s retrograde has been activating where we cling to ILLUSION, reveals WHAT IS so you can move into acceptance. This passage shows you where you are the ESCAPE ARTIST by avoiding or being in DENIAL.

Uranus. True to it’s Rebel status retrogrades last, August 12 through January 13, 2020..he will turn direct right after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 7, 2020 as they combust at 22 degrees!

This passage packs a punch of our final integrations as we approach the next stage of our Evolution which is 2020. Retrogrades magnetize energies inward for our study and integration. This is a blessed space of immense growth and self mastery.

Just a note, the dates for Mercury retrograde and some of the others listed here differ slightly from what I have found from other sources. Since the energy is so powerful, I don’t think it really matters on how we experience it, but just giving the info in case it doesn’t jibe with what you’ve found.

While all this seems like a huge challenge, it’s only difficult because so much of our lives have been focused on the outer world, what we do for a living, how much money we make/have, status/place in society, how others see us. While all those are important, the lessons we’ve been getting for quite a while that are growing more intense as we get further into the Aquarian Age are about our inner world, who we are, our connection with self, others, all life and Creator.

The Aquarian Age is breaking down what no longer works, preparing us for an evolution that starts within self first. That’s what we’re doing. It’s a big deal, so try to avoid thinking of all these lessons as petty annoyances and brushing them off. They won’t go away but merely get stronger until we face them. This is about our personal growth as Human Beings. Right now, and as we move forward, we need Human Beings on the planet, not just people.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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