We are quickly recovering from the difficult summer, specifically from the intensity of all the self-lessons of August with five planets retrograde and the powerful Total Solar Eclipse on August 21. We’re coming up on September 21 this Thursday, which brings a New Moon and the beginning of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) followed immediately by the Autumnal Equinox on Friday, September 22.

That means a new beginning focused in balance and/or polarity.

Balance will be the main energy, but is not possible for everyone. Many who did not work on, or complete, their karmic lessons during August will fight the balance and experience polarity. They will be living in opposition to themselves and what they want, and to the new flow of the world around them. By not participating in the growth of humanity, they will find their opposition-within frustrating and more of a hardship than if they had faced their issues over the summer.

Those who did do their inner work will find achieving and staying in balance a lot easier. There will be forward motion with accomplishments and success flowing without the barriers of summer that have been mirrors of self-lessons.

Still, it will be a challenge for everyone, no matter where we stand in our self-work. Those who refused to grow with the times will continue to try to cause havoc on others to compensate for their own personal fear. However, their negativity will lose a lot of its effect, except to themselves. Those who have done their work, as long as they stay in focus, will definitely have an easier and more satisfying time.

As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s biggest lesson is to release the illusion of having control and realize we have control only in who we are and how we present that to the world. That “Let Go, Let God” example. Try to relax and know that what we have been striving to achieve all year, while it seems to have been stymied so far, has actually been working for us under the surface and can now come to fruition. We don’t have to push and shove and demand in this new energy. We have to find and relax into the rhythm we already created, trusting that it’s always been there but has not been able to move forward until now.

Some of the hardest work we’ll be doing as we move into this new balance will be in recouping and rebuilding relationships that took a hit while we were focused on our inner selves. Feelings of hurt, betrayal, lack of communication and misunderstanding will still be deep even though the energy that caused people to unknowingly behave as if they cared for nothing but themselves will have passed.

During late July and throughout August, my cats wondered why I wasn’t paying as much attention to them. I didn’t notice I was so self-involved until they made it clear by demanding attention from me in sometimes unpleasant ways. I’d been so introverted working on my own issues that I hadn’t realized I’d had to push myself to play with them, clean up after them or generally pay much attention to them at all. But they drew my attention to my lack of participating in our relationship and helped me see what I was doing. Cats can do that in ways people can’t.

For people who don’t know what’s been going on, the same thing has happened with those they’re closest to without their conscious awareness. In fact, it’s usually worse with the people they’re closest to because they feel safe in being themselves. Even if they have been oblivious to how the others are feeling.

Being introverted to examine self-issues is not the same as being self-involved in ego. Please note that as it will make a big difference in how we work to repair damage to our relationships. Many people will be trying out improved versions of themselves, having achieved more understanding and awareness. They may have difficulty in consciously recognizing that and may not be aware what their self-focus has done to those around them. It may seem very obvious to the partner who was hurt, but not so obvious to the individual who has been unaware of the world outside of their self-reflection.

For those who are feeling rejected, be aware it’s easy to hold onto an unrecognized or unhealed hurt. Try to look outside of the hurt itself and see how much we’re holding onto a July/August hurt that is exacerbated by past experiences that have nothing to do with the current one. See where intention was with every misunderstanding and I bet we’ll find that most of the pain is because of obliviousness; it hasn’t been purposeful. Give others a break and avoid taking things personally because we’re all probably doing the same thing to them without knowing it.

Also be aware that taking things personally is really easy to do now as we’re all so vulnerable. This change we’re coming out of has been huge, not just on a spiritual, self-awareness level. With the recent disasters in Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Houston, and on the Texas/Louisiana coast, plus the unstable and threatening energy continuing to come out of North Korea, and terrorism plaguing Britain and the world, we’re all feeling less secure about our future. These events are really helping us to be more prepared for anything, as few of us know how to handle an emergency. All the while, we’re trying to figure out how to repair many levels of discontent and disconnect in our relationships.

Going forward in this new energy, try to treat every relationship like it’s new, without the history to it, rather than expecting it to continue as if nothing has changed. That means letting go of perceived slights because ninety percent of them were done without intention. This works in every relationship, not just the romantic kind.

A good majority of my readings over the past eight weeks has had the theme of “Let it go!” It didn’t matter what the wrong was or the hurt is or the “should” should be. Don’t hold onto the wrongs that were experienced (or that we did to ourselves and others) because of the intensity of the energy leading into and coming out of August, especially August itself. It was a purging time. If we hold onto it and punish those around us (and sometimes ourselves), it just proves we didn’t learn a thing.

It’s easy to hold onto hurt to avoid being hurt again, or to hang onto injustice as a blanket. But if we look beyond what was done to us while others were in their own self-reflecting and getting out of the “It’s all about me!” cycle we’ve been trying to break, we can at least try to see a fresh start. If we can legitimately let go of things and events and hurts that happened in August (or leading up to it), we have a chance to heal damage and really take advantage of this New Year energy starting on September 21.

Avoid holding onto anything. LET IT GO! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! Seriously, LET IT GO!

Whatever is thought to be unfair, LET IT GO!

Even if it means we don’t get back together with someone, or can’t repair what happened during this time. That’s okay. It may not feel like it but trust that what we want in the long run is what we get. If we want a loving relationship and hold onto one because we can’t see any other even though it’s not working, it means we’re standing in fear and being stubborn, not letting the energies that guide and take care of us do their work. They know so much more about what is possible and coming for us than we do.


Perhaps this can help.

“Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

At the first gate, ask yourself, is it true?

At the second gate, ask, is it necessary?

At the third gate ask, is it kind?”

May what we say be in truth, be absolutely necessary for the good of all (not our own egos), and most importantly, be kind. We all need kindness. Start with self and let it flow outward. It makes a difference.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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