Reincarnation and Past Life Basics 5/3/2013

Reincarnation and Past Life Basics

To continue in my on-going series that started with “How To Remember Your Past Lives”, here is some information on the basics of Reincarnation and Past Lives.

There is a lot of information available now about this subject. Some of it very structured, as the past 2,000 years of the Piscean Age has been a very structured and discipline-imposed time. What I personally understand is an accumulation of these structured opinions coupled with my own experience and information coming from my guides, angels and ancestors during meditations and readings.

This may seem very basic, but then that’s what it’s supposed to be – for those who don’t know, never thought about or never investigated anything about Reincarnation and Past Lives.

The Soul

Human beings are made up of more than our physical bodies. We are also, more importantly, souls. When our physical lives are over, our souls survive. Each soul-self is then reborn or reincarnated into a new physical body.

There is a popular saying that sums it up: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are souls have a human experience.” Some liken reincarnation to living in a dream; we are only truly awake and aware when we’re on “the other side”, in pure spirit form, which many believe is our natural form.

There is an interesting book, Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, Ph.D. about “case studies of life between lives”. He is a counseling psychologist, master hypnotherapist and teacher who took his patients, via hypnosis, to the time between lives to find out what happens. It was a great comfort to a friend after her beloved parents died.

Where We Came From

We all came from Creator (God, Goddess, whatever you want to call the Supreme Energy of our existence). Creator encapsulated part of itself into individualized souls (us) in a Big Bang. It removed our awareness of where we came from, our connection to Creator and to each other so we would be driven to relearn the connections and thus know them more consciously. With us being more conscious and learned, we bring that back to Creator who becomes more conscious and learned.

I consider the statement, “We all came from God and are returning to God,” a very strong truth (and obviously you can substitute the word “God” with whatever equates to Supreme Energy for you). Until we completely understand that statement down to every fiber of our beings, we continue the journey. And that requires us to reincarnate.

Why We Keep Coming Back

In my experience, reincarnation and past lives are fluid with little restriction. Some of the structured teachings of the Piscean Age say we reincarnate only 50 times; others say 400 times. Some teach that we have to wait 100 years between lives. I believe it’s a lot more unstructured than that. We continue to reincarnate until we get our human lessons right, until we are perfect in our physical awareness because achieving perfection enables us to be One with Creator.

Our journey is on an ever-moving spiral upward, raising our vibration and awareness with every lesson learned. In order to achieve perfection, we go through every permutation, combination and experience that’s possible for a human being, from being a rich man to a poor woman, from living to a ripe old age to dying in the crib and everything in between.

That Oneness (also called Nirvana or Enlightenment) is a constant draw of every life whether it is the obvious focus or we rebel against it or follow a side path before returning to the main. We don’t have to be consciously aware of the draw in every life; it’s there nonetheless.

The draw doesn’t have to be related to organized religion. This is something deep inside each of us no matter what is taught as the “correct” pathway of the time.

Why There Is So Much Interest Now

As I have mentioned so many times, we are at a great transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. Previously important controls and disciplines that have taught us the lessons we needed to learn are being transformed into soul awareness. Humans are becoming global, connecting races and cultures, sharing knowledge. With this new awareness comes a curiosity that takes us exploring beyond the boundaries of the current. We are now beginning to look at how, why and when we were born before we came into this life and in doing so, we become aware of our sweeping journey from the beginning of time to the end of time.

Of course, it takes a while for us to assimilate all of this in the logical brain patterns we’ve developed over the last 2,000 years. But the process is accelerated as the Earth’s transition is accelerated so our gaining the awareness is becoming easier all the time.

How Each Life is Determined

Each life is based on what you accomplished, or didn’t accomplish, in the past – basically, your karma. Sometimes it’s based on the immediate past life, sometimes on lives and events that happened centuries before. There is always a full circle even if it takes many, many lives to complete. When you complete one circle, you have the knowledge to move forward into another.

Life as a Class

Every life we have can be likened to a very intricate class. You choose your life before you’re born as if preparing for college: you choose your classes based on what you want to know, accomplish and finish; you choose your classmates, your study-buddies, your teachers (all of whom you’ve known in some capacity in past lives) and your degree. However, like college, that doesn’t mean you attend every class, that it ends up being what you thought it would or as easy as you thought it would be, or that you’ll pass. It’s the framework of a learning process and the intention to accomplish something.

And we have help in making choices.

Those Who Help Us Choose

Just as teachers decide the curriculum for early grades in school, so there are angelic energies who guide us when we don’t know what’s going on. There is always that connection to Creator that we are strongly aware of when on the other side, but there is not always complete awareness of where to go next.

A child doesn’t know what or how to learn when first going into school, neither do young souls, or souls confused or in shock from trauma from the last life. Children and souls depend on wiser individuals to guide them. Hence, you may be experiencing difficulties or challenges that you would think you never consciously chose to experience in your current life, but as with some classes you hate, they’re a part of achieving a higher goal for yourself.

This doesn’t mean it is okay to blame those angelic energies because you don’t like where you are. Everyone has responsibility for where they are, why they’re here and who they’re related to, as hard as that is to accept sometimes.

Years ago, before I consciously understood anything about reincarnation, when I first heard that we all chose our parents, my reaction was “I did NOT chose my mother!” But as I learned more and looked at the situation objectively, I realized I did. Not because she was a good mother, but because we needed to finish some work going back 2,000 years. In this life, she was my greatest example of what not to do, my great negative lesson. My father was the greatest positive example of how to be a selfless and worthy human being. I chose her and our journey in this life to help both of us learn something, even though it took me a while to accept it.

More later. Thanks for reading.

With love and gratitude…

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