These days, as we move into pure Aquarian Age vibration, with our accelerating energetic growth moving us faster than our physical world can keep up, a lot of us are facing things about our past, or our present, that do not fit our new identity. This includes beliefs or acceptances that we adopted out of survival in the last Age that aren’t really part of our true selves anymore but were necessary to make our path easier. We are at that point of being able to let them go and refine ourselves into who we are without the influence of the past.

That doesn’t mean we don’t honor what we’ve learned, survived, and accomplished. More that we are not skewed or tainted by then-innate decisions that were made in a different mindset that no longer apply.

Most of the things coming up are on the negative side: what we didn’t do, who we didn’t treat well, what we did wrong, mistakes we made, self-judgment we allowed to compromise our thinking, etc. For those of us already in the Aquarian Age vibe (and probably have been all our lives waiting for now to come about), this is happening because we’re recognizing who we are in our core and realizing who we aren’t that we’ve taken on out of survival tactics.

I hate embarrassment. I won’t watch TV shows or movies where someone is embarrassed or there’s a possibility of someone being embarrassed, which pretty much includes most, if not all, of the reality shows or the immature boy-humor comedies. Laughing at someone else’s expense is considered a good time by some who think it’s funny. But that, to me, is a version of cruelty. The person being laughed at rarely is in on the joke and it usually hurts them.

So what I’ve been remembering as I work on refining myself is every time I’ve been embarrassed in my life, from childhood onward. Basically, embarrassment comes down to a lack of understanding and acceptance from others and judging self because of it. I’d like to stop judging myself (and I always judge me before anyone else can to protect myself) and just accept who I am as if everyone will.

I can look at every time I’ve been embarrassed and see that if those who were laughing at me or thinking me a fool could just expand their thinking to a wider view of things, see where I was coming from, they would understand and wouldn’t find a reason to be cruel. Even as I can understand their cruelty that laughing at others makes them feel better about themselves, it never stopped the hurt I experienced.

As these memories and thoughts have been coming up for me, I have been using an old technique that I thought I’d pass on, because it’s really helped me forgive myself for not being someone else’s version of perfect. It’s lessened or removed the negativity I’ve been holding onto as part of my armor and survival. It’s called “Take It Out Of The Law”.

We create our own personal reality. Yes, we are part of the bigger human reality, but how we deal with our lives, the people around us, and the challenges we face forms our own personal reality. Our own “Law”. If we get stuck in the negativity around us, we tend to create our Law in negativity. It works the other way, too. We can create our own Law about positivity, about what’s possible to open doors for us. But as we’ve lived through 2,000 years of fear being the power to keep us in line, fear of being accepted allows the negativity to have flourished in the past Age. It’s time to turn that around.

We’ve been creating our own Law all our lives and yet probably haven’t thought about our reality in that way. For a lot of people, bad or challenging things happen to them and there’s comfort in feeling they are not at all responsible for negativity coming in their direction (they don’t understand their own karma). They are victims and thus create their reality in victimhood, in negativity, which only calls more negativity to them (vibes are attracted to like vibes—i.e., a karmic negativity happens and they hold onto it and create more when the event was a single-shot deal).

The time we’re in right now, this day, this month, this year, is giving us an opportunity to refine our personal Law by bringing up our own negativity so we can face it and let it go. Facing it doesn’t necessarily mean heavy drama and trauma over every incident. When we get a memory, the totality of that memory—physical experience, emotional response—comes up in a split second for us to feel again. Now it means looking at it with different eyes, seeing if it still fits who we really are, and releasing what isn’t us.

The fastest and easiest way to do that, to let it go and not linger so we can move forward without ties to the past holding us back, is to first be aware when a negative or self-judgmental memory/thought comes into our heads and hearts. Most of the time, so many thoughts move through so fast, we don’t concentrate on why we’re thinking something. So try to be aware when a memory/thought comes to you that doesn’t serve who you are now.

And then simply say, aloud, “I take that out of the Law.” The memory/thought disappears with usually just a lingering distant awareness that it was there and we know what it was, but it doesn’t pull us out of balance anymore. Sometimes, when the memory/thought is especially deep, fragments of it will come back and it’s necessary to repeat “I take that out of the Law”. In that case, say it again. And again. And again, if we need to.

The process works but we are complicated and stubborn beings and many of these memories/thoughts have provided a protection for us. They’ve protected us from more negativity usually by building a strong barrier against being affected by something similar happening again. That barrier becomes part of our larger personal armor against cruel people and a cruel world.

We don’t need these barriers anymore. Now they stop of us from feeling all the wonderful and glorious vibrations that are surrounding us and moving us forward. Even though it might not seem so as we shift out of what was the negativity of the past Age (especially if we pay attention to the news), it is inevitable that the positivity, possibility, harmony, equality, and humanness of the Aquarian Age is the wave of the future. We can’t avoid it. We want it but it can be hard to believe because we haven’t experienced it long enough. Yet.

Refining ourselves has a grassroots effect on all of humanity. We shift into who we really are in this new vibration that fits us perfectly, it refines the energy we give off, which helps others find their place in the vibration and we and humanity grow faster and more completely.

Try it. Trust it. If it doesn’t work right off the bat, try it again. It’s a process. We’re all in a process of change that is happening from the molecules inside our body to the bigger understanding that we are all part of the One. We are the One. That which makes us feel we don’t belong is only what we’ve adopted to help us survive so far. We don’t need it now. We don’t need to feel bad about ourselves. We’re here for a reason and while most of it is about helping mankind become humankind, working on our own personal refining does double duty of helping us grow and lift ourselves to a higher vibe to help the bigger picture come into focus.

Happy Refining!

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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