First, some energy updates:


Monday, March 20, is the first day of Spring, the start of six months of activity and the beginning of the astrological year. This equinox day brings balance, equality, equilibrium and harmony – all attributes of the Aquarian Age (micro-harmony within macro-harmony). While the day helps us in achieving these attributes, it also adds pressure on those who are out of balance to get in balance or be left feeling even more removed from the natural rhythms of human evolution. Look to our politicians and Piscean Age hold-outs to freak out as the Earth shifts under their feet once again to get them to move in harmony rather than be stuck in self.

Traditionally, the beginning of spring brings a natural desire to be more active. Know that the full effects of this new season, however, come into play a little more clearly after our next Mercury retrograde, which runs from April 9 to May 5. That means the balance lesson comes gently, not like the enlightened sledgehammer it can be but changing in steps to nudge rather than demand. Although there are no easy and gentle lessons these days, the Earth is giving us a break on this one.

Meditation to be One with the energy is helpful. It’s also beneficial to do something physical, especially something that provides joy as well as endorphins. Dance rather than just work out. Play sports for fun. Choose a physical activity because you want to rather than have to. Right now we need more joy to move us through the heavy work many are doing.


We also have a New Moon coming next Monday, March 27, to add to the beginning of this active six-month journey. While that brings a lot of enthusiasm, ambition and energetic activity (another gentle step to add to the action the equinox started), it also means we will feel more chaotic and lost in the three days leading up to it. While we love to enjoy our weekends, this coming one makes us uncomfortable in our own skin. The desire to get started, to do something will be frustrated as nothing easily comes into play. Let it be, then dance your ass off or drum or howl at the Dark of the Moon. That always helps.


Last week I made a client cry. It had nothing to do with sorrow or tension, any negative emotion or me being mean. It was because I recognized who my client was in her soul. She had never had anyone else see who she really was. So when I saw the goodness in her, the fragility, strength, unconditional love, generosity of heart and desire to share all of that with anyone who would understand her, it brought tears.

This is not the first time someone cried in a session simply because their soul or their journey or their obstacles were truly recognized by another. It happens more frequently than you might think. Which is a sad state. We’ve had to hide who we really are so much as the world has gotten more populated and people are reborn almost exclusively for their own journeys, that being able to recognize the soul of another individual is almost never done.

My first encounter with this kind of connection came not long after I arrived in Los Angeles in 1989. I was screenwriting, working with a producer who’d come from Michigan as I had. We’d been meeting with the son of a very wealthy and influential Middle Eastern movie producer who was trying to make a name for himself separate from his dad. He was considering funding one of my scripts. His name was Bob. He was in his mid 20s, very tall, handsome and proud. All hard business. A very smart guy. Living up to his heritage.

For several years on Memorial Day, the Michigan ex-pats got together for a picnic in Griffith Park (and there were a lot of us who’d been in the entertainment industry in Detroit who migrated to Los Angeles). Bob was invited to join us. I brought my Tarot cards, as I usually did to gatherings to offer readings.

Early in the day, Bob sat down for a reading. Just for fun. He didn’t believe in any of that “psychic stuff”. What I saw for him surprised us both. While he came off as the ambitious, all-business movie producer, his deepest desire was simply to get married and have a family. He wanted to be wanted, needed and loved in a way he hadn’t been. His culture demanded a focus on success in business with love, marriage and family expected but secondary. Yet his soul just wanted to experience love.

He was so touched that someone recognized who he was in his heart, there were tears in his eyes (and in mine) and we immediately had a soul connection that was incredibly deep. No one in his family knew him as well as I did in that moment. No one had recognized who he really was or what he really wanted anywhere else in his life because his role as the son of this important man within a very specific culture didn’t allow him to be different.

We crave this connection, even though this is something that isn’t consciously recognized. When our souls are on the Other Side as mere seed atoms that hold our entire existence within – all experiences, emotions, thoughts, past, present and future, we can pass through each other and instantly know another soul in its entirety as they know ours. This not only forms a psychic/soul bond with that individual, it reminds us of our origin of coming from the same source and having once been the same soul.

We can’t achieve that in our physical bodies, but we still crave it. The nearest we get while in this physical world, without consciously working on it, is during sex. Whether the act is done out of love or need, in that moment of release with another it’s the closest souls can bond. How we respect or disrespect that bond is another story.

If you want to try soul-connection on a conscious level, here is an exercise that can be awkward at first, sensual without being sexual and offer the kind of close understanding Bob and I experienced on that Memorial Day. It can be done with any kind of relationship: friends, lovers, family members. Please don’t do this lightly. This is not “for fun”. Soul recognition is sacred and, if not treated as such, can cause emotional pain and damage. It’s best done with two people working in a sacred space with enough undisturbed time to not worry about the length of the exercise.

First create an energetic sphere of protection by calling in the White Light from the Universe and the Gold Light from the center of the Earth to fill you both, surround you and guide you. Use all your senses to create this. Thank the Universe and the Earth for their light. Surround the sphere with a shell of steel, shiny on the outside, dull on the inside. Smell and taste the metal as you do this. Call in guardians or angelic protection for self and for the exercise.

Sitting face to face, hold both palms up to within an inch of each other so you can feel the heat and energy of the other’s palms without touching. Stare into each other’s eyes, allowing awkwardness to move through you and flow away. Consciously be aware of your levels of self-protection and allow them to flow away. This can be perceived as coats coming off or just physically and energetically relaxing from head to toe into the flow of the exercise. The further you connect, the more self-barriers will show themselves to make you release them.

Continue staring, letting jumbled monkey-mind thoughts calm and settle. Concentrate on the colors within colors of the eyes of your partner. Do this until there is no discomfort within self or between you. Then stare some more. If you must concentrate on something to quiet your thoughts, think “I open myself to you” or “I see your soul and offer mine” or simply “I love you”. Unconditional love naturally removes all barriers, from self and others.

Do this until you feel a shift and an understanding, which can be emotionally overwhelming. This can take five minutes or half-an-hour – it depends on the openness each of you truly offers. When it is achieved, allow the experience to fill you completely without judgment or expectation, or feeling the need to bring barriers up to protect self at the last minute. Avoid trying to logically understand what it happening and just experience it.

When you are drawn to do so, touch palms and interlace your fingers, feeling the energy flow between the two of you through the chakras in your palms. Allow tears to come if they want to. Hug if you want to. Words are unnecessary before, during and after as they will rarely describe what is being felt. Don’t feel you need to explain or question. But as this is a very personal experience, follow what your gut, heart and self-awareness tell you.

When you are done, take a moment to pull your energy back from your partner, release the guardians you called and absorb the sphere of protection into your sacral chakra, sending the energy you don’t need into the Earth for her to do with as she wills. Then eat something. No kidding. After an experience like this, if done correctly and given enough time, you need to ground and eating is the best grounding you can do.

May we all grow in understanding and connection with each other.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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