Recap of August and What’s Coming In for Fall, 2013

Recap of August and What’s Coming In for Fall, 2013

August turned out to be quite surprising. While there were incredible challenges with the in-your-face-up-against-the-wall energy we’ve come to expect from this month, there were also some amazingly positive opportunities. Even though August is over and the Hungry Ghosts are back where they belong, the harsh energy has lingered into September due to Mars and Saturn playing war games, but we’re almost out of the woods.

This was the first August of the Aquarian Age; the first karmic cleansing. We’ve had lesson after lesson since this New Age came in last year on December 21. Most of them dealt with adapting to the return of the feminine power-within energy after all the masculine power-over lessons of the Piscean Age. And this August, as all Augusts have, brought deep-seated issues to a head to be seen, dealt with and released.

However, this wasn’t just our yearly spiritual cleansing. We haven’t experienced this kind of confrontation and release with our own karma since the Piscean Age came in 2,000 years ago. This August brought up huge patterns and lessons that we have been working on, not from the recent past, but from the beginning of this life. This was a profound lifetime ending/beginning point. A New Age beginning for each of us. And it’s up to us to recognize it and take responsibility for how we deal with it.

It’s as if we’ve all been in a giant washing machine set on Super Agitation Cycle that cleans up karma and past patterns. We were doused with water (super-emotional over-reactions) while being constantly slammed against someone/something else that also needed to be cleansed (equally over-reactive people or impossible situations). As harsh and uncomfortable as it was, the dousing and collision action was the best way to get rid of what needed to be released.

Every time we came up against a seemingly unsolvable problem, it was in our faces on purpose. It helped us focus on what we needed to look at from a different perspective, or helped us let go of the issue completely. How many of the issues that were brought up for you in August were repeats of patterns you’ve had all your life? If they weren’t shoved right in your face, would you take the time to change or release them?

When we’ve worked on a karmic issue or contract for an entire lifetime, once it’s complete, not only is it hard to recognize, but it’s hard to release what has become an unconscious pattern. We’ve concentrated so diligently on one theme that we became immersed in it. When we’re done, we don’t know how to change patterns, especially since most of this shift happens on an unconscious, energetic and vibrational level. There’s no great teacher telling us we’re done. We have to listen to our inner voice and trust it – something we were never taught to do in this life.

We humans are so diverse in our spiritual development. While there are many old souls who have come in to help with this Piscean/Aquarian transition, there are also many young souls who can’t see how these lessons are good at all. August has moved everyone up one “grade”. For some who have been diligently studying a long time, this is like graduating after eight years of college. It’s freeing, enlightening, eye opening, a little scary and filled with possibilities.

For others who are in earlier grades, it’s still a graduation. But there are so many other things ahead to learn it’s overwhelming instead of uplifting. Not everyone is going to be able to take the full advantage of the big release that just happened. Some unfortunately will take the overwhelming feeling as a sign to dig in and stay stuck. Right now, that brings a bigger change than they’re anticipating.

When we have a karmic contract with people who choose to stay stuck at this important time, know that by them refusing to do the work they agreed to do, they have shifted their karma away from the original agreement. It’s okay to let them go. This isn’t negative or judgmental, it just is.

In a day-to-day way, this situation surfaces as a realization that we’re “done” trying to work with, help or be responsible for certain friends or family members. There is a soul awareness that comes when no more can be accomplished in a karmic contract. In this life of spiritual evolution, we’re not intended to continue to beat our heads against the wall of someone else’s “stuckness”. So move aside and let them go because we can do no more for them besides pray they get the lessons when their time is right. For many, that will be in another life.

For those who can see clearer, this fall is a new beginning. It’s as if we are butterflies emerging from our cocoons ready to fly into a brave new world. We’re understanding possibilities in completely different ways. Opportunities are in front of us in all aspects of life that have never been around before.

Many feel as if the doors to the future have been flung open. We can feel big, sweeping, positive change right in front of us. We don’t know what it is or exactly when it’s going to hit. That can seem really uncomfortable, like we’re primed and ready to run a race but the track isn’t available. It’s common right now to feel out of harmony with our own path. We are catching up to it, or it is catching up to us.

But as butterflies come out of their cocoons, they have to wait a while to let their wings dry before they can fly. That’s true for us, too. As this new forward-moving, positive energy opens up for us, we have to let our wings dry, we have to let ourselves adjust. Even though this is incredibly wonderful, we need to go slowly. We’re not in sync yet. We have between four and six months of adjusting before we’re able to feel comfortable in this energy and know how to apply it to our best advantage.

Not that we won’t have access to positive change, but as we aren’t clear exactly what this energy is bringing, we aren’t clear how to use our deeper strength or spiritual understanding. So work with it, find your new wings, your new vibration, your new balance by listening to your inner voice. Or more importantly, let it find you, let it teach you what’s in your best and highest interest.

We no longer get anywhere by trying to control a situation. “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream” say The Beatles. Not by checking out but by listening to your center and letting it – and this New Age energy – show you and take you where you need to be. If you try to push it and control it, it will immediately not work. Avoid letting Piscean Age logic get in the way. Let this new awareness teach you how to think, feel and live in this go-with-the-flow, let-go-let-God Aquarian energy and you won’t get lost.

Welcome to a dynamic new world.

With love and gratitude…


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