We’re in week four of the government shutdown in a macrocosmic battle of “For the Good of All” vs. “For the Good of Me” with hundreds of thousands of Americans microcosmically and directly being screwed (which will quickly become millions of Americans in the cascade-effect that is following). Accusations and investigations are flying from all sides at our president and Mueller’s report is due within a month to six weeks, according to recent reporting. “Scary” just jumped up a couple of notches. But it always does when a bubble or boil is about to pop.

First, however, as this coming weekend will bring us the Full-Super-Blood-Wolf Moon with Lunar Eclipse on late Sunday/early Monday, January 20/21 (before my next posting), I wanted to make mention of how important it is to be prepared for this huge release. As we know (and are so tired of), 2018 was a Year of Karmic Catch-Up. This first Full Moon of 2019 is the release of the year before (2018) and is the biggest release energy we’ve had for many years. The experience and benefit can be more complete and fulfilling because we did such hard work in 2018, especially if we actually work with the release energy instead of letting it do its work for us.

So please do something to take advantage of this event. Spend time this week (if you haven’t already) listing what it is you need to release. Be specific. Write it down. It’s been found that people who write down releases, intentions, prayers and such have 33 percent more success in achieving their goals than people who don’t. Add emotion and sense-awareness to the list as you write it. Read it aloud with the same emotion and sense-awareness on the Full Moon (preferably on Sunday evening before it actually hits full) then burn the list (safely) with or without other ritual involved. Burning it releases it’s energy into the universe and gives you a “Phoenix rising from the ashes” feel.

This Full Moon is a big deal. The more we consciously release, with the energy of the Moon helping, the more we’ll be able to take advantage of the speedy change 2019 brings.

Back to Rebirthing America.

We have so many shifts in awareness hitting us right now, as we can tell from the past years of chaos fighting to become current-and-future order. Our awareness as a country, what we stand for, what we believe in, is being tested and refined. With the Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives and Nancy Pelosi pitting her strength, intelligence and experience against the weakness, self-indulgence and narcissism of Trump, it’s a Battle of the Ages. Someone is finally saying “no” to his ego and what it represents (i.e., saying “no” to the stuckness of the Piscean Age). The energy of all the shifts we’ve been experiencing is at its apex right now, which is as it should be.

This month has us wrapping up, and sweeping up, the lessons from 2018, which means when we hit true 2019 energy on February 5, we can move from one form of progress (cleaning up the past) to another (preparing for our future). We’re past the half-way point of Pluto in Capricorn which has been influencing our enlightenment revolution. Starting in 2008 and lasting until 2023/24, Pluto in Capricorn has been bringing a change in the structure of everything around us, coinciding with the Piscean Age/Aquarian Age shift which has been awakening us in stages going back as far as the late 1800s. (Pluto moves into Aquarius then in 2023/24, so that puts us more into sync with the Aquarian Age!)

From 2008 until now, our work has been to be consciously aware of, and to let go, a tradition that no longer serves a purpose. Starting with the Chinese New Year/New Moon on February 5, 2019, we’re building toward and rebirthing our future.

Pluto in Capricorn was in place to help us form this country in 1776. The Declaration of Independence stated who we wanted to be as a united people. As Pluto rules power, the mis-use of power, motives and integrity in power, then it was about light being shined on the bloated tradition of England’s power-over structure and how it stifled new American thought, growth and independence. Does that sound familiar for where we are now but without a foreign power involved (unless you count Russian trying to interfere)?

While our ideals weren’t completely followed, especially the principle that “All men are created equal” (“men” being the Piscean Age term to mean “everyone”), the Civil War came along to help us refine, resolve and re-dedicate ourselves to the original statement.

As Pluto is also the planet of starting and ending civilizations, the 248 years of its orbit coincides with the ending of the current Pluto in Capricorn in 2024. That means the United States of America is once again facing a re-dedication to our original principles. Once we established our country, we grew and grew and got complacent and bloated in our success with no stops from others or ourselves (much like once-Mother England) . We lost self-discipline and integrity as can happen with a great success story.

But here we are with the enlightenment of the Aquarian Age upon us, helping us see our bigger purpose in the world. We are faced with the choice to destroy ourselves, as other civilizations have done after 248 years, or to find the strength and purpose of America’s soul as a world influencer and leader. Hence our current “Battle of the Ages”. (Note: civilizations that have lasted longer than 248 years eventually had their fall coincide with a multiple of 248.)

In Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson’s new book “2019, Birthing Your Inner Child” (a book I highly recommend to get the most out of this new year), he talks about this year being the time we rebirth ourselves, as 2019 is also the year we are rebirthing our country. If human gestation takes nine months to complete with six to 36 hours of labor to bring about birth, it’s not unusual for 248 years of gestation to take longer than a year to get our country reborn. We’re still “in labor”; obviously, we’re still working on it. But this is the year of birth for all of us.

So if the contention in Washington DC causes us a heightened level of fear and uncertainty about our future, look at it from the scope of all that we’re trying to accomplish. From that point of view, even with the intense stress and fear hundreds of thousands of government-screwed Americans are feeling and the wide uncertainty and fear we’re feeling because of our leadership, it must be necessary to get everyone to understand the change on us or it wouldn’t be happening.

Even if most of us aren’t aware of the bigger picture of 2,000-year, 5,125-year and 26,000-year shifts that we’re experiencing right now, we are aware that forced change is something we can’t avoid anymore. The sensationalism over the ego and idiocy of the already-over-it Piscean Age male entitlement represented by our president is meant to engage everyone on the planet, not just Americans. In our country, the midterms proved that more of us are involved than ever before. That’s only going to increase as we fight to grow (not sit in stagnation) over the next two years leading to the presidential election in 2020.

Be at peace. Stand in your power-within. This is a good fight. Face fear of change and look to what it will bring us – a rebirth that we all need.

I offer this with love and gratitude and excitement for our future…

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