Preparing for 2014 12/16/2013

Preparing for 2014

As we head toward the end of 2013 and get ready to take on a new year, here are some things to know to help in surviving where we’ve been, adapting to where we are now and preparing for where we’re going. I’ve talked about most of these occurrences before. The difference is that now there is a lot of energetic change overlapping and coming to a head, clearing us out, so to speak, before we move into 2014.

The end of 2013 through the end of January 2014 is a time of hyper-reaction to this intensely changing energy. It’s especially hard for us to deal with because there is no physical reason to feel so over-stressed or angry or hurt or sorrowful or just plain done with things. No emergency, no war, no natural disaster.

So when we feel all these emotions without an apparent reason, we add judgment to our reactions, i.e. we “shouldn’t” be feeling so and so. That makes it much more challenging: we not only have the difficulty in our faces, but then we believe we must be doing something wrong for us to feel this way, or we should be dealing with it better. That’s stress we just don’t need.

Also during this time, our bodies are more sensitive and reactionary than they’ve ever been. That’s part of our evolution as human beings. We become less dense and more in tune with the non-physical/spiritual vibrations. Which makes us more sensitive to everything: the energy shifting around us, others’ reactions to it and our own imbalance. That coupled with the intensity of the changing energy makes us doubly sensitive, even to things we weren’t sensitive to six months ago. It’s easy now to feel noise is too loud, or a gathering of people – at work, play or shopping – is too busy, too overwhelming, when six months ago they were perceived as normal.

This physical shifting also gives us a new awareness of non-physical energies such as people and animals who are on the other side, and our guides, angels and ancestors. Has anybody been seeing stuff that “isn’t there” out of the corner of their eyes or feeling a presence that isn’t physical? No, we’re not crazy, we’re not “seeing” things. Well, we are seeing things but not physical things. These presences have always been around us, we just weren’t on a vibration to detect them. Now we are, and we’re going to naturally become more and more adept at it. Facing this and asking for clarity in communication from what we’re encountering (and listening to what is imparted) will do much more for us than denying or living in fear.

Then include with all this sensitivity shifting that we’re at the high point of our current extremely potent Solar Maximum, i.e. sun spots and solar flares, which is at it’s most active now until the end of March. That makes us feel like every day is the worst Mercury Retrograde we’ve ever had, even though we’re not in a Mercury Retrograde. It seems we’re all going bi-polar because the solar activity is messing with the electromagnetic systems in our bodies. This adds just one more intense level of hyper sensitivity to what’s going on around us. Our capability to be patient, understanding or compassionate can feel just plain gone.

Now add in the extremely high level of anxiety and expectation and stress because of the holidays and it makes for an interesting and challenging end of the year to stay focused or sane, let alone enjoy the usual revelry.

So try to avoid judging ourselves if a normal day’s stress is now overwhelming or we need to sleep more or stay home instead of going to a party. However we’re feeling in the moment, even if it doesn’t make any sense, is the right way to be feeling, whether it’s a good feeling or something stressful or sorrowful. There is a reason for us to purge what no longer needs to be with us so just ride it without judgment that it “should” be different. The more we allow ourselves to feel what we’re feeling, without taking it out on others, the more successful we will be in accomplishment in the new year.

The good news in all of this is that as we end 2013, we’re not just closing out the intense shifts of this year, we’re ending a cycle of forced release that has been going on for years. Everything we’ve been experiencing for the last seven years has been about letting go, digging deep inside and releasing what no longer serves us to see who we truly are. Shifting from power-over to power-within.

More good news: This coming year, the year of the Wood Horse in Chinese Astrology is dominated by fire where we can ride the flame to accomplishment instead of being burned clean by it. It’s our first year of heading forward instead of cleaning up the past. But it’s tricky as the success is accomplished by finding our current in the river and letting it take us where we need to go rather than trying to control it. Go with the flow in 2014, but be ready to act when an opportunity is presented.

I’ll write more on this as we get closer to the Chinese New Year on January 31st, but in the meantime, to take advantage of the growth and movement of the new year, get a red wallet. A red purse, too, if you can. Red is the color of luck and abundance in Feng Shui and keeping our money surrounded by red will attract good luck and prosperity.

Also, earth aspects this coming year can bring clarity, intelligence and focus, which we all need after the last couple of years. So carry the earth energy with you by wearing colorful gemstones such as citrine, amethyst, coral and turquoise. Wait until January 31st to put both of these into effect.

I wish you a Happy Holiday time and a wonderful New Year, both the western January 1st and the Chinese January 31st.

And just a note on making New Year’s resolutions. There are specific days best to start resolutions and none of them are Monday orWednesday. Monday is ruled by the Moon so anything started on Monday changes all the time, as the Moon changes her appearance in our orbit daily. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and moves very quickly (88 day orbit around the Sun). Starting things on Wednesday means anything long term will come to conclusion much faster than intended.

Tuesday is a good day to start almost anything as it’s ruled by Mars, with good fire energy to accomplish most resolutions. If it’s about business – especially the entertainment or creative business – Thursday is your day. It’s ruled by Jupiter and is about expansiveness, growth and success.

If you’re resolving anything to do with your body as in eating better, losing weight or staying in shape, then, for women, start on a Friday(ruled by Venus) or for men, on Tuesday (again, ruled by Mars). To change the structure of your life or things regarding where you live, start on Saturday (ruled by Saturn). Express joy and happiness on Sunday (ruled by the Sun).

Thank you for making my second year on my own a rousing and joy-filled success.

with love and gratitude…

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